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The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment - Choosing The Right Method

If you have hemorrhoids, there are several different ways you can get out of this situation. Changes in diet and lifestyle can prevent discomfort. Medicine and surgery are also optional. Before you decide what is the best hemorrhoid treatment for you, it is important to get a solid diagnosis from your doctor. This can help you decide which action is best for your particular situation.


According to WebMD, people with hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids, may show symptoms that may be similar to more serious medical conditions related to anal areas such as colon cancer.

Hemorrhoids can cause bleeding and rectal irritation. Your doctor may administer barium enema, or colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer. A complete physical exam along with your medical history will help determine if you actually have hemorrhoids. Age is another consideration. About half of all men and women over the age of 50 have hemorrhoids.

Home treatment

In many cases, the best hemorrhoid treatment can take precautionary measures to prevent the situation from getting worse. This means being very gentle when treating the area around the anus. Only use white toilet paper and toilet paper with water before using it. You can also use a baby towel or towel before washing to wipe the bowel movement.

Do not rub the anus after the shower. This can increase pain and irritation. Instead, slowly erase the dry area. Avoid soaps containing dyes and perfumes.

Replace using heat and cold compressor for assistance. This works well if you have irritation and need some comfort. Apply some ice to the affected area. Continue for about 10 minutes. Then apply hot compress in the surrounding area for 20 minutes.


Avoid your feet for long periods of time and avoid sitting for long ends. This can help reduce pressure on your rectum. If you can, lie down regularly throughout the day. This is another way of maintaining pressure from the anus and resting.


According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise may be the best hemorrhoid treatment because of the many benefits it can offer. It can help burn fat which can lead to excess pounds. This will help reduce anal pressure. It can also prevent constipation causing excessive pressure on the veins.


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