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Suggestions For a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period from conception to birth. During this time the fetus develops in the womb with the nutrients provided by the mother, which then needs to pay special attention to a healthy diet. In fact, the diet taken during pregnancy should not be the same as a normal balanced diet, but one should avoid certain foods that may not benefit the unborn child. Most importantly, do not have a poor diet, as children will become more sensitive to what you eat. In fact, it has been proven that poor diet leads directly to low birth weight, factors that increase morbidity and perinatal mortality and increase the frequency of congenital defects.

The same goes for lifestyles: smoking, harmful behaviors for mothers, more so for unborn babies, and the same applies to alcohol, which should be completely banned from diet to fertility. Caffeine consumption should be dramatically reduced, especially during pregnancy. The weight gain of pregnancy is not constant, as it depends on many factors, among which are the weight of the fetus at birth and the nutritional status of the woman in early pregnancy.

Weight lifting should range from 10 to 15 kg (16 to 20 kg, when pregnant with twins), overweight women should remain at this low value. The benefits gained during pregnancy are non-linear but only start after ten weeks, and progressively increase, at about 350-400 g per week (750 g if birth is twins). Physical activity during this period generally decreased, and thus, led to more weight problems. Instead, try to run and stay active. Always drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit. Pregnancy should be a great experience and not a time of dietary scrutiny, but it is very important to watch what you eat.


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