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Six Pack Abs - How to Get Them For Keeps

The development of Six Pack Abs Depends on Focusing In Three Key Areas


Diet is key to your Six Pack Abs development. No matter how well defined your muscles are; if they are covered in layers of 'Belly Fat' they will not be seen by anyone.

Food has a direct and profound effect on our health and metabolism. For this reason, natural, unprocessed foods are best for good health and for your Six Pack to display. Processed and refined foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Training Intensity

There is a direct correlation between Exercise Intensity and Metabolism of the body. The higher the exercise intensity the better the metabolism is able to burn 'Belly Fat'. who hid the Six Pack.

Exercise intensity can be improved by training the larger muscle groups and training the entire body over a short period of time. The legs, back and chest are all large muscle groups and will produce better results than focusing on smaller muscles such as triceps and biceps.

Training Abs

Most coaches do crunches and sit-ups to train their abs when these exercises are actually less effective. Muscles are enriched and developed by resistance, therefore; crunches and sit-ups provide relatively little resistance. Hanging Legs provide better resistance and when done properly, by some trainers, is a great exercise for your Six Pack Abs development.

Mickey Mouse Systems

A lot of exercises and nutrition systems today are 'Mickey Mouse'. In other words, they don't do much for the long-term results you're starving. Regardless of the promise, there is no 'magic pill'. which makes you Six Pack Abs by Abracadabra only.

You need to know and do what is best for you.

Find a Certified Trainer with proven track record in a long way to help you achieve your goals. Ideally, it would be someone who 'runs their talk.'

Asking family, friends and friends for their personal recommendations is a great way to start looking. Pay attention to any current and former prospective clients; are they or are they getting results similar to the results you are looking for.

In my experience, the best coaches can always show you evidence of their achievements and the evidence of their support will help you achieve your goals.


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