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Red Yeast Rice & Breastfeeding

Red yeast rice is a powerful natural supplement that has been proven effective in reducing cholesterol levels. This product's popularity has grown rapidly due to its effectiveness and the fact that it is natural. Despite its growth, red yeast rice should be eaten by everyone. One group that should definitely avoid this supplement is expecting mothers, women planning to become pregnant, and breastfeeding women. This article will focus on the negative aspects of consuming red yeast during breastfeeding.

Why It's Dangerous to Breastfeeding & Take This Supplement

Red yeast rice has proven to be an excellent treatment for people with high cholesterol. The reason why it is so effective is because it contains specific compounds that have been shown to lower cholesterol levels in the body. These compounds have also been shown to be extremely dangerous for newborns and there is a possibility that they may be transferred to breastfeeding infants.

This supplement has naturally occurring compounds called statins. Statins are used in many cholesterol lowering drugs for their effectiveness. These are very powerful compounds that can cause great harm to young babies. It is unknown if this dangerous product was transferred to infants from breast milk. That's why you should avoid it.

Red Yeast Rice, Statins and Breastfeeding

Products containing Statins are not recommended for use by pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Although no studies have been conducted to show whether statins can be passed through breast milk to infants, some have been performed on mice. Studies on mice have shown that statins can be passed from breast milk to their young children. Based on this decision, it is possible that statins can be passed through breast milk to a child.

Red yeast rice is a very powerful supplement that can be used for the treatment of high cholesterol. Many people choose this product because it is natural and does not carry the same side effects as regular cholesterol lowering drugs. Despite its effectiveness, Red Yeast Rice Breastfeeding is not going well. It is very important for mothers not to take this product while breastfeeding their baby. Some compounds can be passed from breast milk to baby.


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