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Popping Pills May Slow Down In Texas - Industries Report Most Vitamins Are Manufactured In China

The next time you reach a vitamin C tablet, you may want to rethink it. According to a recent industry report, 90% of all vitamin C sold in the U.S. made in China. China also produces half of all aspirin, 70% penicillin, 35% acetaminophen (best known as Tylenol), and the majority of vitamins A, C, E, and B-12.

This is not to say that all of the goods, or all the vitamins for that matter, made in China are inferior or unsafe, but in terms of toothpaste and food pollution scandals, and especially considering recent gluten fears - where thousands beloved pets get sick or die from contaminated wheat gluten imported from China - intensive investigations into it may be worth it. While residents of Texas and the rest of the U.S. can take advantage of their processing facilities, they are, in fact, carefully inspected, and that, as food products reach the open market in Austin, Dallas, Houston, anywhere in Texas (or any other part) other countries) it's relatively safe, we don't necessarily think that about foreign facilities. No one has found this confidence - from the health insurance company, to the average Joe just trying to get the flu.

Consistent application and enforcement of safety regulations in Chinese manufacturing facilities are major concerns. Although some food processing plants and vitamins in China are "very skilled and do everything right ... (some) are just sloppy bucket shops," said Peter Kovacs, a food industry consultant based in Incline Village, Nevada.

The scandal doesn't help the situation, either. Phony Chinese anti-malaria drugs exported to Southeast Asia have never been heard of, or the distribution of counterfeit drugs to treat impotence. Similar incidents have been reported in strong Chinese herbal exporters, such as Ma Huang. When used properly, Ma Huang is an effective treatment for asthma, but because it is more of a natural ephedra, its dosage must be carefully controlled by professionals - not used carelessly as a weight loss helper and on every supermarket shelf. Worse, the former head of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, Zheng Xiaoyu, was recently sentenced to death after being convicted of bribe equivalent to nearly $ 1,000,000 in exchange for allowing unsafe drug production.

Chinese examiners often have conflicts of interest, which can be a major contributing factor, as in the case of Weisheng Pharmaceutical Company. Weisheng is the world's largest producer of vitamin C, producing 30,000 tons a year. Wiith such facilities, any average American would expect a proper inspection and reporting regimen. But the inspector assigned to the factory was, in fact, a worker employed by a city that owns the Weisheng parent company. For such an inspector to return a bad report on Weisheng can be a problem.

And, while American industry workers report that, from all appearances, Weisheng's facilities appear to be clean and well-maintained, the conflict of interest in enforcing any regulation is clear.

We may take one page from the Boston Tea Party, dispose of vitamins and medicines on board, and refuse to buy again ... except that Americans have no way of knowing where our products originate. Current labeling laws do not require companies to disclose the country from which they received their materials, let alone from which company. While all of this may explain the extremely attractive price, with the dubious price of some vitamins in recent years, there is not much to be done to ensure that our products - products that we believe will improve our health - are safe. How can we, when we do not know whether our drugs and vitamins come from a "sloppy bucket shop", or a clean and maintained facility? Personally, I prefer not to take penicillin if I'm not sure if it has a mold or not.

Settlement? A little at the moment, unfortunately. Eat well, for one. The better you follow your diet, the less vitamins you need and, given the recent reports that our plant nutrient levels are declining, you may want to buy organic. Some Western doctors prescribe penicillin again as the first choice, so the good news is, and natural analgesics are available for minor ailments, such as headaches and muscle aches.

In short: be careful with yourself, and reduce the need for any medication or vitamins. Write Congress and the Food and Drug Administration, and tell them this is not acceptable. Especially for those who have children, or who have chronic conditions, this can be very confusing. In other words, in the face of foreign exploitation, take on the great American tradition and begin to apply it. Stop buying products you are not sure about, at least as much as possible, and start using the democratic process to protest. So many basics become unpleasant because we are not, well, objects.

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