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My Secret to Ridding Myself of Stubborn Belly Fat

When I realized that the key to losing belly fat was not in the limelight because it was almost impossible to isolate specific areas to lose weight.

Overall weight

What worked for me was losing my weight. Doing simple exercises like walking and promoting body fat all over my body saw my stomach shrink.

Performing gentle exercises around areas such as mini abdominal crunches using short and sharp repetitions helps to calm and lift the area around the abdominals, although low abs are a difficult area to isolate and target what I find to be more focused on this area the surrounding muscles strengthened and eventually my lower abdomen followed.

Bio Oil

My stomach fat started to melt, my loose skin began to retract and tighten. What has been proven to work for most people to help strengthen the skin around the stomach is bio oil.

Bio oil helps to keep your skin hydrated so it does shrink with you instead of seeing the excess skin that most people are losing weight on.

Eat More Food

Get your metabolism fast by eating more and more often. This will help you burn excess fat quickly. Eating more will trigger your metabolism to work best and will help you avoid the normal fatigue that comes with calculating your average calories and serving portions.


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