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Losing Male Belly Fat

Many men do not have to struggle with losing menstrual fat, experiencing problems ranging from self-image to serious health conditions. Men and women differ naturally in terms of fat storage locations. Women tend to store excess fat around their hips, creating a "pear" body, while men tend to store excess fat around the belly, forming a shape called "Apple". Genetics also plays a large part in how the body chooses to store excess fat. The simple truth is that some are less fortunate than others because their bodies have a tendency to store excess fat around the abdominal area. Losing belly fat should be a concern for any man with excess fat around the abdominal area, regardless of whether their body mass index (BMI) is in a healthy environment. This is because while your overall BMI is acceptable, if you have a certain amount of fat around your stomach, you are at risk for a variety of health problems from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. So apart from uncontrolled genetics, what are some steps you can take to try and lose your male belly fat?

Well, old cardiovascular exercise is good for one. There are no training sessions such as running, jogging, or swimming to burn excess calories stored in these fat cells. One issue that men may not realize, however, is that alcohol is not. In addition to the known health risks of alcohol in terms of liver damage and increased blood pressure, it is easy to forget that alcohol is also high in calories. Since this is something we drink, we tend to overlook "calories" as we do for a piece of pizza or cake. But they are calories. Alcohol is usually high in calories, with beer being the worst offender. A standard glass of beer can contain over 300 calories (hence the term eating in a glass).

The best ways to lose male belly fat are a combination of dietary restrictions, including the elimination of saturated fats, as well as a reduction of alcohol content to no more than three drinks a week (preferably red wine or mixed drinks, avoiding beer altogether). Regular cardiovascular exercises complement the picture above for loss of abdominal fat. Finally, don't forget the power of motivation. Remind yourself again and again about the importance of losing belly fat, and not just for your image. While health problems may be unclear, keep in mind that excess belly fat is unhealthy and puts you at increased risk for various chronic diseases.


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