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LiftOff Energy Drink Review

Liftoff Energy Drink is Herbalife's new energy drink that far surpasses any energy drink on the market today! LiftOff energy drinks contain the following exclusive energy blends:

  • taurine - which is an antioxidant amino acid known for its importance in eye and brain health

  • caffeine - a small amount of light stimulation that occurs naturally

  • guarana - a botanical and natural source of caffeine and phytonutrients that support stamina

  • ginseng panax - Herbs act as adaptogens that help the body deal with stress and increase physical endurance and support immune response and

  • gingko biloba - is known to support the brain and nervous system as well as improve circulation and improve memory.

This new energy drink not only fights fatigue and improves mental performance, it has the added benefit of containing 100% of your daily Vitamin C antioxidant and more than 100% of Vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced energy production.

Drinks come in easy-to-packaged tablets packaged with your own take-out packs and are available in Ignite-Me Orange flavors, Tropical Fruits, Lemon-Lime or Lemon-Cola Kick and they are all delicious! To use the product, you simply drop one LiftOff tablet into 8 oz of water, or, break the tablet and drop it directly into a water bottle anywhere, making regular water a delicious carbonated pick-me-up beverage.

LiftOff drinks more than gives your body a boost of mind - it shifts your mind to high gear for optimal performance in everything you do whether you're working in the gym, looking after the kids, studying for exams, working more hours time to get your presentations and projects ready for work, or just to get through the day. The best part about Liftoff is that it only has calories that make it look more attractive when compared to other products. Even more interesting is the fact that there are no accidents and fires when you use liftoff. It should come as a comfort to know that the beverage is healthy and only made from the best ingredients. I've tried this product and I absolutely LOVE it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and effective beverage from one of the most trusted names in the health and wellness industry.


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