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Is it Hard to Conceive a Boy Baby? I'll Tell You

I got a lot of emails from couples wanting to have a boy. Some of the most common questions related to how difficult or difficult the process is. Many couples have heard that men or Y sperm are weaker than X or girls who produce sperm and therefore consider this process to be very difficult for them. While the shorter sperm Y is true, there are some balances that make a pregnant boy not nearly as hard as some people fear. I will discuss this further in the following article.

Overcoming Relative Strength Of Women Producing Sperm X: Your ultimate goal for the concept of a boy is to get rid of your vaginal and reproductive tract as much as X or a girl producing as much sperm chromosomes as you can, as quickly as possible. While it may not be possible for you to eliminate everyone, this should be your goal. And this is important because while X's are It's very slow, they live for a long time, giving them different advantages.

Male sperm may not have longevity on their part, but they have speed. You can't control the speed of the chromosome or the sperm, but you can definitely control the time when you send the chromosome to the egg. And you can also control the environment they have to go through when they try to make their eggs.

Make Your Time Ally Instead of Your Enemies: If you just choose an easy day for you to get pregnant, you might be setting the possibility for Y & # 39; It's because they can only live for a few days. Choosing the right day to get pregnant is very important if you want a boy because Let's start the process of degeneration earlier than sperm X. So you have to wait until you are absolutely certain that the egg is not only ready to be released, but is actually released. In other words, ovulation has to happen recently. You can wait another day for sex, but you should not try anything later, as you may have only a few of these little ones that have survived.

But if there is good news here, It's this. It is much easier to determine when an ovulation has occurred than to predict when it is on the road. People who are trying to conceive girls should be able to look into the future, but people who want boys just have to see what's going on today and that can be easier. Today's predictor prediction tells you when ovulation has occurred that the process is not difficult. I prefer saliva practitioners because they let you test more than once a day, but any fortune teller needs to work.

Acidity equation: Another factor that can make you successful is the vagina environment that is too hostile or too acidic so that the Y or male sperm cannot survive in it. Many people are intimidated by measuring and then changing their pH, but this isn't as difficult as you might think. Get some PH test strips at a health food store or nutrition center and then test your acidity carefully according to the instructions. You can see in just minutes if your pH is high or low. If it's a long way off, you'll need to turn it a little lower. You can do this with food or diet, or with douching. You can also use both methods if you are in a hurry or want to make sure you have enough time to do this before your next ovulation.

To facilitate this process, there is a list of foods and recipes and solutions out there that will take a lot of guess work out of the equation. Know that you don't need to cut calories or consume less food. To be honest, studies show that people who have boys consume slightly higher calories so you definitely don't want to diet, but you want to make sure that the foods you eat are low in pH or alkaline.


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