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How to Look Sexy While I'm Pregnant - 2 Rules to Looking Sexy With the Baby Bump

"How to look sexy when I'm pregnant" is a question that pregnant women ask. The best part of this is that the answers are there, and some of them are here in this article. If you're reading this, you may want to know how to look sexy while you're pregnant, so here are some simple rules to go.

Rule # 1: Get rid of your maternity clothes NOW!

Did you know that many pregnant women think they should wear something that will make them look MUCH more pregnant than they are (ie FAT)?

Needless to say, many maternity clothes just aren't enough and detract from your shape.

Here's what you need to do: Press stylish and stylish clothing and wear it a size or 2 larger than your usual frame. These dresses and dresses will make you look hot no matter what you wear, as well as enhance your sex appeal by simply enhancing your overall mood! You will look GORGEOUS.

Rule # 2: Always have underwear during pregnancy

Okay, many women are pregnant that something called "underwear for pregnant women" is available for them especially to wear! If you don't feel sexy in the bedroom with your husband, how can you enjoy your married life for the next 4 to 9 months?

So go to a women's clothing store if you're in the final trimester. If your stomach is on the smaller side, you can still wear non-pregnant clothing in larger sizes.


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