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Is Gastric Bypass Surgery The Answer To Obesity?

Many people ask whether gastric bypass surgery is the answer to the growing epidemic of obesity. At the same time many surgeons answer this question with a pledge. In fact every year, the number of gastric bypass surgeries doubles and is expected to do so for years to come. No matter how it is solved, the amount of risk associated with gastric bypass surgery is much lower than that associated with obesity.

The real answer to whether gastric bypass surgery is the answer to obesity actually comes to every individual patient. No matter how you look at it, the ability to cut a stomach for work all comes down to one's ability to adhere to all pre and post-operative needs. Many people want an easy way out, they don't want to exercise or diet to lose weight and think it's a miracle drug. For these people, it is possible that the surgeon may not only delay the procedure but may completely cancel it if he or she feels that you will not be committed to a life changing situation that you must achieve to make the procedure successful. For many people out there who have naturally sought every available drug from exercise to pill to lose weight without promising results, surgery is the last resort that will give them a second chance at life.

Assuming that patients can fully commit themselves to the treatment and make the necessary changes in life, then surgery is no less than the right answer to fix their weight problems. If you are not the type who is willing to put forth more effort than good opportunities in six months to a year, you will return to your original weight. Even worse, if you fail to keep up with the changes in your lifestyle and habits, you may end up with worse health than you started. This poor health can result from chronic dumping syndrome to death. This is the answer to obesity as long as the patient is willing to let it go.


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