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How To Get The Benefits Of Coffee Without The Side Effects

Paullinia Cupana is a herb grown in South American rainforests that provides coffee with no side effects. The active compound is a compound, which is part of the caffeine family. However, it is made up of healthy fatty acids.

The benefits of the drug slowly increase for several hours. This natural and slow process prevents the sudden intake and accidents that often occur with caffeine. With caffeine, the effect is the opposite. You can be stimulated immediately and the effects gradually diminish throughout the day. After that, you start to feel tired and damp and need another dose of caffeine to get you through the day. It's really related to this. Do you prefer to feel great all day or just for the first part of the day? I believe most people would rather stay awake for as long as possible.

Do not blame me. It has nothing to do with caffeine. In fact, I love coffee. Caffeine is probably the most widely used and widely studied drug worldwide. And coffee is probably the most popular beverage on the planet. The problem with caffeine in coffee is that a short boost of energy can stimulate your body. Guaranine, which is part of the caffeine family, stimulates you slowly and steadily which keeps you awake for longer periods of time. It has a refreshing feeling of cooling action.

You know that buzz you get with coffee? That's exactly acetycholine. Acetycholine is another ingredient in caffeine that is a neurotransmitter that signals your brain to wake up. With the right amount of acetylcholine, you are ready to take the day off with a clear mind and a clear head. That's what gets you out the door in the morning. Unfortunately, as your acetylcholine reserves drop throughout the day you start to feel tired and tired.

This is the cool part. You don't have to run out for a five-dollar iced coffee drink in the evening. Remember, the rewards slowly release. Therefore, when you combine guaranine with choline, you trigger the release of acetycholine to rebuild your reserve to stay mentally alert and alert throughout the day. This way, your body can release acetycholine when it needs it. It is the best of both worlds.

Try choline and you will be able to take the day off, be alert and fully prepared without the unwanted side effects of coffee, tea and cola drinks.


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