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How To Turn A Girl On By Touching

How do you make a woman orgasm? You might think I'm talking about clitoral stimulation and g-spot. However, there is more to pleasing women than stimulating the clitoris and g-spot. Fortunately, for men like you and me, a woman has an erogenous zone all over her body. This area produces intense sensations when stimulated and can be gentle, medium or highly arousing. To discover all the different areas and see which ones you may have overlooked when trying to celebrate a woman, read on.

(1) Hair and face

These 2 areas are my favorite. In addition to dressing, a woman usually spends a lot of time on her face and hair. She'll feel pretty and sexy if you give her face and hair attention.

To gradually get her in the mood, you start by touching the eyelids, eyebrows, temples, cheeks and hair that can be very intimate and arousing for your girl. During sex, you attack her hair or hold it tight but slowly. You can also use your eyelashes to caress the cheeks or neck.

(2) Ear lobes, behind the ears, mouth, lips and neck

You bite, stroke and kiss this area lightly with a gentle lip and a slightly open mouth. You let your breath get to your knees and ears, but avoid heavy breathing. As a bad guy, I always pressed my lips to his ears. The next time he would start laughing incessantly because it was too ticklish and soon acne would appear on his lower arm. You can't do this in the early stages of foreplay. This would be more appropriate if he was close enough to the climax and a bit more relaxed than he initially was. At that time you just had to kiss his ear lightly which could give him an erotic sensation. Another effective technique is to suck in the earlobe with a little snack.

For many women, kissing France is much more intimate than intercourse. You slowly move your tongue, explore the inside of his lips, and then you move slowly, paying attention to its motion and rhythm. When you kiss, start softly, sucking the bottom lip between your lips for a moment before you let it go to give your partner a chance to come after your lips. Avoid pressing too much into her lips as breaking her lips can absorb and make it difficult to respond. You should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your mouth as bad breath or garlic smell can be a big problem.

You then move your lips to his neck and concentrate on the area along the jaw line and on the collar bone. Kissing all over her jaw and at the hollows right above the collarbone can make her whole body tingle with pleasure.

(3) Shoulders, hands, arms, armpits and fingers

The upper part of the body responds well to the soft and strong neck. They are a great place to start during appeals and foreplay because their stimulation is fun and gentle. You massage and stroke the tips of your fingers and hands. You can also kiss and suck fingers. When you move her arm, you use a firm touch to avoid it tickling. You can also try licking or wiping. Then you move to massage his shoulders firmly but not too hard to break his bones.

(4) the back

Positioning the upper and lower back, varying between light and firm pressure and a dry or wet touch can be stimulating and very enjoyable. You can use massage oil but be careful not to allow the oil to come in contact with the condom as the oil will damage it. For something different, you can use ice cubes or feathers.

(5) Breast and nipple

Being a very sensitive area, the breasts respond well to touching and kissing. You draw a circle around the nipple with the tip of your finger or tongue, brushing them with your palm, before you inhale them like a baby.

(6) abdominal and abdominal area

Circling or wiping the abdomen and kissing or licking the navel can be great for a woman.

(7) Internal and knee flexion

Wiping, kissing and licking the inner thighs and folds on the inside of the inner thighs is very stimulating. The knees are often an unwanted area for pleasure but the real center of interest is the back of the knee which can be a bit ticklish for some women. But if she relaxes, the light gliding behind her knees can give her a thrilling sensation.

(8) Back

The back is the main erogenous zone but is less sensitive to the breast because it contains muscle and fat. You can use stronger stimuli such as grabbing, patting or hitting or touching very lightly with the tip of your finger (be sure to trim your nails) to scratch or feather to tickle his back.

(9) Legs and legs

Giving her a massage can be relaxing and sensual. You can scrub, kiss or inhale your fingertips, a neglected erogenous zone full of nerves. To enhance his sensation, you can lightly lighten the sol or apply firm pressure to the instep.

(10) Gender

Needless to say, this is the main hot spot for women. The most sensitive area is definitely the clitoris that you can lick, stroke, rub and kiss, offering your girl the most stimulating sexual experience. Being very sensitive, you should avoid excessive clitoral stimulation at the beginning of the foreplay. Instead you focus on stimulating the area around the clitoris and only when it is approaching the climax that you offer a direct stimulus to it. Before having sex, you can get her to tighten her legs tightly together with her belly and you get into it this way offering a higher chance of your "little sister" rubbing her clit, or you can get her to climb on you .

Of course, there is a hard-to-understand hot spot, the g-spot located inside and on the front wall of the vagina (towards her stomach). During foreplay you put one or two fingers together and a little curl into the vagina with the palms facing upwards, slowing down the movement until you feel the rough flesh. During sex, you choose the position of the lover whose genitals are higher than the rest of his body to offer a higher chance of hitting the g-spot. This can be done by placing his foot on your shoulder as you enter or as you push back.


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