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How I Beat the Common Cold in About Six Hours

I was sick last night. It wasn't my choice to put my life on hold for one day but it was. I read somewhere that on average we would be sick twice a year and that the cold would last for five days. I can live with that number but I choose not to.

The last time I was sick was during a time when my body was under intense pressure. I work crazy hours. I ate badly. I drank a lot of sugar. My immune system was an accident I didn't know. At that time I was sick once a month. I see that as a waste of productivity and when I get back to work, I will spend more time doing it. It's a cycle. I remember telling myself "No more".

When I woke up this morning, my throat was itching, my sinuses were dry, and my chest was heavy. Maybe I'm sick and maybe I'm not. Should I go to work and maybe get someone else sick? Should I go to work a little sick and end up back in the hospital? I choose to stay home and make sure I feel better the next day.

There has been a lot of research on colds and nobody has come up with a way to 'cure' it. cold. That's not right. Everyone on this planet has the ability to cure colds as long as your immune system is healthy. People have been getting the flu since the beginning of recorded history. Over the thousands of years, many people have seen many natural things they can do to reduce their coldness and to make it so many times that they have never seen them sick at all.

Because of my food choices, my body has the best building blocks. I eat raw fruits and vegetables in many varieties. Part of this is for releasing nutrients to allow my body to absorb it better. I do not take any medications that can reduce my resistance to disease. You should read the warning labels and do some research on any medication you are taking. If one of the side effects is a weakened immune system or damage to the liver or kidneys, you may be in total health. I also drink about one gallon of water daily. Hydration lets your cells do the work they are designed to do.

The paragraphs above can be turned into some books on nutrition. Ordinary people who eat fast food definitely don't have all the essential nutrients they need. Do a search on Wikipedia for 'important nutrients'. to get the minimum list you need to get into your diet every day to maintain good health and longevity.

The above is the basis for maintaining your immune system. I believe that I am still exposed to the flu and the flu regularly. I have taken the above steps to make my body fight this threat effectively without affecting me with the fact that I am sick.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I do read and enjoy health and nutrition topics. I encourage you to go to the library and find a book on this topic. Most of the basics can be found in the $ 5 textbook from the bookstore you use. Most of the basics are available on websites run by WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and the National Institutes of Health. Most of the basics can be found in YouTube videos by Dr. Mercola, Dr. Oz, Dr Joel Wallach and Mike Adams (Health Ranger). Everything I say about supporting the human body is probably regurgitation from one of these sources.

Since I felt something was happening I did some extra things to help support my immune system. When I wake up, I rinse my mouth with peroxide and do more times that day between meals. I drank eleven water before I did anything else. I eat orange for both energy and vitamin C. I take twice as many vitamin C tablets as possible. I ate two cloves of garlic by crushing it in my mouth. This was done in the first ten minutes of my day. Then I went back to sleep for two hours with very thin garlic breath. The wife refused to go anywhere near me before she left for work.

I drank one liter of water every few hours. I ate two tablespoons of olive oil around noon. After that I ate two tablespoons of natural vitamin complexes diluted with minerals, mushrooms, and green extracts. Every few hours I would eat two cloves of garlic and some slices of ginger. I eat more oranges, some lime, and stars. When I'm sick, I'd rather spend all my energy fighting what is going on. That's what I ate before dinner. I don't want my body to work to digest food for a reasonable amount of time.

All day I took herbal supplements containing echinacea, goldenseal root, burdock root, fiber root, cayenne pepper, and wood concrete. I was averaging two capsules per hour that I was awake. Before I slept for the night, I took four more.

I feel better before noon. I feel almost perfect when I go to bed. This morning's life is normal.

If I feel sick or don't eat well these days there are other things I will do (and still do). Neti pot with baking soda. Bouncing on a trampoline to pump my lymph system. Drink more water. Soaked with epsom salt. I'm not sure of the benefits of "getting unverified" to soak in the bathroom other than rest.


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