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Hoodia Vs Other Diet Aids

Hoodia is a native diet food originating in South Africa. Many people find this pill to ask how the diet compares to other diet plans and diets. The following article will compare these pills with others on natural dietary aids.

First of all, unlike many other supplements, Hoodia has no known side effects. Ephedra and bitter orange can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even stroke. Ephedra has been pulled from the market. Other supplements such as clear gums and green tea can cause diarrhea, bleeding, and other bowel problems.

Many other supplements also have unknown long-term effects. The worst criticism Hoodia received was that it had no proven effect on weight loss. Almost all dietary supplements accept this criticism. This is mostly because of the way it works though. It is a suppression of hunger and makes no other claim.

Many nutrition pills make the same claim as this pill. However, some supplements make different claims. Bitter orange claims to increase the amount of calories burned. Chromium claims to reduce body fat, and Chitosan says it can limit body fat absorption. Supplements that demand to reduce appetite all show different explanations of their specific products.

One thing that really distinguishes it from other supplements is the fact that it does not contain any stimulants. Many pills contain stimulants such as caffeine that provide the illusion of energy. Any of their energy comes from the plant's natural p57, not the external stimulus.

Compared to other dietary supplements, these pills come out on top in several categories. First of all, with no known side effects, they have a clear advantage over many other pills. Second, because it does not use external stimulation, it is natural.


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