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High Blood Pressure Treatment Options Without Medication

High blood pressure is a serious condition that must be treated that way. Some people are at risk for this disorder because of their age, gender, or family history. Although these factors are out of control, there are factors that can be managed. In general, healthy eating and regular exercise are the steps taken to maintain blood pressure.

· Eating habits. Overweight and obese people are more likely to have high blood pressure. As you gain weight, the heart has to work harder to move the blood throughout the body. Also, people who are overweight only have more blood than people who are healthy. The heart must work hard to transfer this amount of blood too. Healthy people are closer to their ideal weight, and they are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and complications.

· Reduces sodium intake. Sodium causes fluid retention, leading to higher levels. Most people take more salt and sodium than they need. Choosing foods that are low in sodium and refraining from adding salt to foods can manage levels. Checking the label for sodium content and staying below 1,500 mg will make it lower.

· Stay physically active. Regular exercise helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. In addition to a healthy diet, physical activity can prevent it from being too high. Exercise also makes the heart stronger, which can pump blood more efficiently. Cardio and aerobic exercises are most effective in lowering blood pressure.

· Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Smoking thickens blood, which makes the heart work harder than ever to get a job. The chemicals in cigarettes harm the internal organs and accelerate the aging process. Alcohol abuse causes a sudden increase in blood pressure. Over time, this can lead to high blood pressure. Drinking and quitting smoking is a way to control blood pressure without medication.

Medications are available to reduce the risk of complications such as stroke or heart attack. However, there are several lifestyle changes that can be implemented to achieve the same results. Relieving stress and reducing it can be done by losing weight and getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking too much. Treatment can be done without the need for medication, as long as people work hard to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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