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Tips on How to Increase Ejaculation Volume

If you are proud of your cause, you will want to brag about your ability to have a great ejaculation. While this can be pure arrogance, men really want to have more semen during ejaculation so that both of them can attract their friends and feel more masculine as well. Of course, some men want to increase the amount of semen to increase their chances of having a baby with their partner as well. Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase the amount of ejaculation.

Get started with your Diet and Lifestyle

Before you do something drastic, it's best to review your diet and lifestyle first. For example, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol are one of the barriers to better ejaculation. If you want to increase the amount of ejaculation you may need to stop smoking and drinking. You should also minimize fat intake to increase the amount of ejaculation. And since semen is actually a protein, you should have a high protein diet to increase semen production for ejaculation during sexual activity.

While you may want to enjoy more sex, you need to go for quality rather than quantity for a while. To really increase the amount of ejaculation, it is advisable not to have sex every day. Masturbation is also not advised. Often you will have less climax available for ejaculation.

Stress should be reduced if you want a healthier and more fulfilling sex life. Because stress is known as a buster for semen production, you need to be more relaxed and you need to have a calm aura. To achieve this goal, you may want to listen to relaxing music or relaxation tapes. Some even take yoga and meditation for this.

Wear Looser Clothes

Sometimes wearing too tight clothes limits the production of semen as well. So, if you want to increase ejaculation, you may want to use an extra size larger than your normal size. It is also advisable that you wear underwear so that your sexual organs do not become too hot. Improved blood circulation will also promote more production of semen.

Organic Oil Massage

To promote more blood circulation, use the recommended organic massage oil. This will allow you to produce more semen and thus allow you to have a strong and satisfying ejaculation at the end of the sexual act.

Take the Cement Pills

If you want, there are also several brands of pills sold in the market for this purpose. Made from natural materials, you can safely increase the amount of ejaculation. You will also benefit from improving your overall sexual performance as well.


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