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Herbs for Infertility - How Herbs Can Help Women Over 35 Get Pregnant

There is a new trend in our society where we women are delaying childbirth and waiting longer to start our families. As a result of this fact, a growing number of women over the age of 35 are now aware that having a baby is not as easy as they thought it would be.

After more than a year of trying to conceive, many women find themselves having problems with infertility and are now seeking professional help and seeking assisted reproductive technology. This method can be very expensive, invasive, and not guaranteed to work, although some women have great results.

For others dealing with infertility issues, they prefer to try a softer natural route than herbal therapy and a healthy diet.

Herbs for infertility have been used by eastern civilizations for thousands of years. Herbs for addressing infertility underlying the imbalance created by our polluted environment, processed foods, pesticides and unhealthy lifestyles to name a few.

Herbal therapy promotes hormone balance, improves sperm and egg quality, regulates menstrual cycle, improves secretion, calms the womb, nourishes the endometrial lining and maintains a healthy pregnancy.

In the treatment of infertility, herbs are used to promote optimal fertility health.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM herbal therapy) usually uses a combination of herbs to get the best results. Different herbs combined in fertility formulas can be made into tea, pills, powders, or even supplemented with delicious recipes. Herbal therapies combined with fertility foods and healthy lifestyles have enabled women for centuries to conceive and start their dream family!

Chinese herbs offered to women experiencing infertility include dong quai, saplings, strawberries, ginseng and hachimijiogan. Keep in mind that these herbs are very potent and may be dangerous or even deadly if taken in sufficient quantities. A well-trained herbalist or professional who is experienced in herbal therapy should always be consulted.

Many 35-year-old women with infertility problems have had great success with herbal therapy. They can effectively treat their infertility with fewer side effects that result in modern fertility drugs.

If you are planning to start a family or increase your family size, regardless of your age, there is no time like this to control your body and stimulate your reproductive organs. Infertility herbs can give your body exactly what it takes to make your pregnancy and pregnancy safe, natural and fun!


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