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Gymnema Sylvestre - 'Sugar Destroyer'

Gymnema sylvestre was originally an Indian wine widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also found in North Africa. It is grown commercially in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Use of Sylvestre Gymnema

Many Gymnastics studies have been conducted. This indicates that this ingredient:

- Reduce or eliminate sweetness for several hours

- Reduces absorption into the body of sugar in the intestines

- Increases insulin production by the pancreas

- Reduces blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels

These effects make Gymnema sylvestre a powerful aid in blood sugar-related diseases such as:

- Weight loss

- Diabetes, or pre-diabetes

Sylvestre Gymnastics And Sweetness

The effect of sylvestre gymnastics on taste is all the more remarkable as it is instantaneous. A few drops of liquid extract or a little leaf powder falling on the tongue makes it difficult or impossible to taste for a few hours. For people who have a craving for sweet food, this can be a blessing. After taking the gym, placing a grain of sugar granules on the tongue feels like putting sand in your mouth; and chocolate taste like putty! The use of Gymnema is also said to reduce any desire for chocolate or other sweet foods.

For someone who feels they are 'addicted' the sugar that carries a bottle of Gymnema falling will certainly reinforce the urge not to eat sweet - or, at least, fatty - foods, as the sweetness will disappear.

Gymnema is a wonderful herb that can be of great benefit to those who really want to reduce their consumption of sugary foods and those with blood sugar problems. Of course, if you have medicine you should consult your doctor before taking Gymnema: but if you have 'low blood sugar' And not taking any medication, try Gymnema.

The main treatment for low blood sugar is to change your diet and get more exercise: but if you do these things, Gymnema really helps you in your pocket. In addition, take 3-6 raw Gymnema herbal capsules (as opposed to extracts, according to the manufacturer's instructions).


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