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Gift Ideas for Your College Student

College students lead a mysterious life. They survive on a diet of frozen noodles and coffee but can still gain weight and when they call home (besides asking for money), they often tell you about new inventions they made using empty cans, 3 toothpicks, and rubber.

No matter when you go to school, you know that sometimes the most experienced students need a little extra, which is why we've compiled a list of the following gift ideas for your college students:

1) Send them something in the mail. Believe it or not most students, especially first-year students in dormitories, really hope to get an email. A card with some pizza money is always the best way to say hello.

2) If the student is a man, I would be the first to say that 95% of college men need clean clothes. I recommend visiting Solameiloveit which has a great shirt and is one of the most popular t-shirt websites on the internet.

3) Another thing students need is a good night's sleep and if they are living in a dormitory. Dormitory beds are usually very tight and students with back problems will definitely need time to adjust. Great gifts can be any kind of soft (egg-box) mattress cover to make the bed comfortable and comfortable.

4) Food! Sending a ramen case will not give you points but homemade food (if you can deliver it on time) or a gift card to your child's favorite restaurant is a great way to break the cafeteria / ramen routine of many students. Another option is a gift card to a food delivery company. These companies carry pizza, chicken wings, cookies, and so on ... and serve most major campuses.

5) Bookstore gift certificates are a good idea too. Your child can buy good supplies, books, and clothes, especially if they need a booklet and pen before the next class.


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