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Find Your Feel Good About Food (or Anything Else)

My oldest daughter and I went vegan for a week last week. We've been eating vegan and vegetarian many times over the years. I was the longest 4 years as a vegetarian before my twin was born. I eat some fish and animal products, but no other meat. There are many reasons why I rely on a vegan diet; health benefits, less cruelty to animals and less impact on our planet. It seems like no brain. but I often get crushed and burn when I try to go vegan. This time I decided to lean on it and do my best and I ended up eating 95% vegan and really vegetarian without too much struggle. My daughter was more strict with herself and ended up crying on our last day.

Our family moved quite a bit and ate more than most, plus my husband was strictly in a meat camp, so sometimes we were limited in our choices. I don't want to talk about how difficult it is for us to be vegan because of this situation. I know it could be easier. I've done this before.

How do I feel about my recycling experience:

I try to love my planet and everyone on it and it doesn't feel right to me to take care of our planet out of fear, so I approach it from the place of love. For a long time I wanted to recycle. I began to collect and assemble recycled objects, but I rarely brought them to the recycling center and my husband became frustrated with the mess and threw them into the trash. It became a source of strife. I'm always committed to taking items more often, but that doesn't happen. I decided that not recycling is better than feeling bad about trying to recycle.

I gave up recycling and just took the time to develop a good idea of ​​recycling and see others doing it well. I made the decision to take any simple, easy steps I could without setting myself up for failure. I use a reusable grocery store bag and I am careful about recycling in restaurants, etc. Then I decided to ask me some magic questions to get my subconscious working on the goal.

One of my favorite alchemical processes is to ask magic questions. Magic questions are not questions that need to be answered but they give you something positive to focus on and often the answer seems to come from magic.

Some magic questions I ask myself about recycling:

What if recycling is easy?

What if I don't have to assemble it and transport it to the recycling center?

What if I pay someone else to recycle me?

What if it's as easy as picking up trash?

Shortly after I started asking my own questions and trying to feel the subject of recycling, our city implemented a recycling program. All I had to do was go to town hall and buy a special trash bin for $ 25 and put all my recyclables in it and put it in our regular trash bin and that's it. I like it! I love to play games trying to make sure our recycling is more complete than I used to be and some weeks it's twice as complete. Our garage is no longer bored with items waiting to be recycled plus our city makes money on programs that benefit the people living in our city. Double Win!

I've decided to implement this strategy with healthy eating. I will share a few questions that I ask myself to give you a model to use for any subject that you do not feel like you have all the answers. Magic questions can lead you to find your own feelings, which often leads to significant results.

Magic Questions to Find Your Feeling About Vegan Eating:

What if more restaurants started serving vegan food?

What if my favorite restaurant decides to add vegan to their menu?

What if the new way of getting meat for meat eaters was better for our planet?

What if more people ate vegan?

What if I decide to enjoy eating the best way I can today?

What if grateful for my food now leads to better choices later?

What if I can affect my food vibration before I eat it?

What if an easy choice for a vegan diet came up?

What if I believe that perfect food is always available to me?

What if meat eaters were right about their needs? What if vegans also meet their needs? What if there are many different diets that work best for different people? What if we could meet everyone's needs in a way that would not only harm but help our planet?

What if I could find an easy way to "lean on" veganism, like eating vegan at home, but choosing the best mood options available on the go?

What if all kinds of food could benefit my body?

What if I let food choices be easy?

Right now I'm "leaning" into eating vegan and focusing on choosing the best feeling at the moment. I personally don't have rules and one of the rules I posted in the past about eating is that I only eat what I like. I have found that I tend to eat "better" as well if I do not go against the list of rules on how I should eat.

If you have any changes that you are trying to make difficult, I suggest taking the small steps you can now and focusing on what feels good with the current situation. Then ask yourself some magic questions to get your subconscious work for you. Set the intention that you will find a fun and easy solution. Relax and let them come to you.

I would like to know if you have a way of dealing with situations where you have no easy answers or any other comments you may have.


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