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Exercises For Pregnancy - The Secret to a Healthy and Beautiful Pregnancy

There are pregnancy exercises that will help you recover as you prepare for your new baby's arrival. Exercises that limit your joints and ligaments are best for reducing your discomfort and for limiting your unborn child.

When starting any exercise program, we recommend consulting with your obstetrician to ensure that you do not do anything that may put your pregnancy at risk. In most pregnancies, doctors encourage pregnant women to be as active as possible for the duration of the pregnancy. There are some activities, but are not advised during pregnancy:

  • Any activity performed in extreme heat or humidity. This can cause you to lose an unhealthy amount of fluids, which can damage your baby.

  • Exercises that cause a lot of rotation or contraction in the abdomen. For obvious reasons, these activities may be uncomfortable for you.

  • Any activity that causes bouncing or fighting of the abdomen. For example, jogging is not recommended, as you will be further into your pregnancy.

  • Any exercise that causes difficulty in breathing. If you are unable to talk during training, you may be able to stop until after the baby is born.

While these are some examples of what not to do, common sense should prevail when it comes to pregnancy training. If you find that during a workout you are not comfortable, then you are advised to stop the exercise until you have the opportunity to talk to your doctor, or until after the baby is born. Listening to your body will give you good guidance if you do.

Swimming, yoga and walking are all examples of exercises that can be done safely during your pregnancy. Not only are they low impact, they usually cover your growing stomach, which can affect your balance and time. This way you limit the risk of injury to you or your baby.

If you're worried that you won't be able to stay active during your pregnancy, you can be sure that exercise is good for you and the baby. Exercising for a reason is encouraged and will help you maintain a healthy weight that will not only facilitate easier delivery, but also reduce the amount of time you recover after the baby is born. Pregnancy training is a great way to get an early start to returning to your pre-pregnancy weight.


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