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Everyday Hacks to Keeping Your Weight in Check

Here are 14 hacks to help you on your weight loss journey:

1. Set your friends up for your weight loss plans and goals. Get their cooperation to help you plan on a low calorie diet.

2. When you talk, laugh and share your meal with others, you no longer feel the need to focus on what is on the plate or what is missing from your meal. The focus is on talking, the company and the people. This is the best way to control your diet.

3. Instead of ordering more dishes at the restaurant section than one or two dishes. Eat slowly and in small quantities.

4. Choose the company you are eating at. Some people are big eaters and force others to do their own thing. Avoid eating with them.

Lime juice, carrot juice, soy sauce, eggs, spring onions, dairy products like skim milk, yoghurt, low-fat cheese are known to boost metabolism. Try incorporating them into your diet and see the dramatic differences in your weight loss efforts.

6. Try chewing sugar free two or three times a day to reduce your cravings. Munch on raw chili to enhance metabolism. Be careful because chili is not for everyone. They heat up and burn your tongue.

7. Share your food with others. Eating with people who are underweight helps you control your intake of food.

8. If it comes in the box, avoid it. Processed foods break down the good and add a lot of preservatives to give it a long shelf life. Packaged and processed foods are good for just one thing. To be on a shelf not in your stomach.

9. If you want goodness and nutrition stick to the most natural form of food. Fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts are good examples.

10. Freshly cut meat or fish from dried and preserved fish is better. You don't have to live on the farm to get fresh food. The farmers market is also a great place to buy fresh produce. The taste of fresh milk, fresh butter or eggs is amazing.

11. Plan your meal ahead of time. This will reduce the unhealthy choices at the last minute.

12. Eat oat porridge in the morning. This is a healthy breakfast and fiber that keeps you full all day and prevents any unpleasant food at the end of the day.

13. Healthy foods such as walnuts, almonds and salmon help prepare you without consuming calories.

14. Don't skip meals. It makes your body think that it is in starvation mode and begins to store fat. Eating healthy and balanced foods at regular intervals provides your body with the nutrients it needs.


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