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Plastic Surgery Options After Pregnancy

Giving birth sometimes causes body changes that can affect the image of the new mother. Unlike decades ago, when women only had to deal with post-partum changes, today there are several options in cosmetic surgery to help you recover (or improve) your pre-pregnancy body. Fortunately, for today's busy new moms, many plastic surgery procedures can be performed on outpatients, which means you will be home with your newborn on the same day.

Many new moms worry that breastfeeding can change their breast shape. In fact, breast changes occur during pregnancy in preparation for your child's development. The milk gland in the breast swells and replaces the fat tissue, and after giving birth, the milk gland shrinks causing the breast to shrink. Plastic surgery offers natural looking implants that give your breasts a youthful contour, and breast augmentation can be performed on an outpatient basis with local or general anesthesia; The stitches are usually removed within a week.

External breast lifters (mastopexy) can remove excess skin and reduce sagging. Using local or general anesthesia, your surgeon tightens the skin to the lower half of the breast, lifting and strengthening it.

Symptoms of stretch and C-section scars are usually very long after giving birth, so the procedure of tapping the stomach is what you are looking for to remove excess skin under your navel. The abdominal tightening procedure that requires you to be hospitalized for one or two days is usually called abdominoplasty. If there is little skin benefit to tighten, you may be a candidate for mini lipectomy, which is a less commonly used procedure under local anesthesia.

Liposuction is the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedure after pregnancy. Many new moms complain that they can't lose fat in areas like the thighs, buttocks, and upper arm. Your plastic surgeon can remove fat that contributes to fatigue in troublesome areas.

Labioplasty is sometimes sought after delivery to increase the appearance of post-delivery genitalia. Many women feel selfish after giving birth because of the shape and appearance of the labia.

There are many options available now for new moms who want to get back or increase their pre-pregnancy figure. Your plastic surgeon will discuss this option with you, and together you can decide which one is best for you.


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