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According to an information source more than 100,000 people search for ephedra and ephedra products each month, and that's just one of the major search sites. That's a lot of public interest and herbal cravings that the government says are dangerous when used as weight loss agents.

It seems to me that if ephedra is really dangerous, many ordinary people continue to try and buy ephedra?

That many people looking to buy weight loss ingredients also talk about how effective ephedra can help them shed pounds. No other ingredient seems to be gaining popularity and success in this arena. Currently, the FDA has declared unlawful ephedra products, but they have not yet started accessing the sites where they are being sold and the factories or warehouses where they are being manufactured and stored.

It was only a matter of time before the FDA stopped and stopped it. While many websites leave their stock for sale there are some places that are still trying to make money with cheaper and potentially fake ephedra products.

Want to Buy Ephedra?

The FDA leaves a hole open if you know what to look for.

Due to the FDA's pretense there is a way for you to always have "ephedra power" even though in reality you can no longer buy ephedra. Don't take your chances or spend your money on fake or overly expensive ephedra diet pills.


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