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Effects of Alcohol on Physical Performance

Ever wonder why the endless amount of work at the gym starts to feel .... well ... exhausting?

It's not that advanced (which is important for any type of exercise) you are actually going downhill!

Well, you'll find other reasons why you should throw the beer under the sink other than "beer belly"

Alcohol and its effects on performance:

Most people know the whole concept of "Don't drink and drive".

Well, it's time we have the same rules at the gym ...

"Don't drink and practice!"

I mean ... if you can't drink and drive ...

Can you drink and squat with 300 pounds on your shoulders ??


Now you can argue that there is a significant difference in just a little drinking and being flat drunk!

Well ... maybe in terms of driving ... this applies.

But performance training? ... NO NEED!

Whether it can make a Budweiser, a Tequila shot or a glass of fine Pinot noir; you can expect the performance of your workout to fall further if you choose to enjoy any of these things.

"Can it really be that bad?"

Do only a few teenagers make a big difference? "

You bet!

Why not? How is it?

Well ... go ahead and get your own pen and paper

Because this needs to be written.

Alcohol has a huge impact on our body in many ways.

Let's look at them:


Alcohol has a strong diuretic effect on the body (1) so if you do not revive it can cause severe and serious dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body. Severe dehydration can sometimes take several days a week for the body to recover to its normal hydration state. When an athlete is dehydrated, they are at risk for musculoskeletal injury.

Dehydration lowers your appetite and can cause wasting of muscle tissue for an athlete is contrary to what you are trying to achieve. Decreases muscle tissue results in strength and performance. Consumption of food is associated with a lack of appetite that can lead to fatigue and overtraining that actually puts the body at a higher risk for injury.

Remember the workout videos where the teacher said "Do you feel burned out?" Well, drink alcohol and exercise. You're definitely going to feel burned out (and some cramps, and some interesting and some strains and maybe tears ...... OUCH!)


Consumption of alcohol when used in certain quantities especially in alcoholic beverages dramatically reduces serum testosterone levels (2). Decreases in testosterone are associated with lower bullying, less lean body mass (LBM), suppressing muscle recovery and a tenfold decrease in overall sports performance! This in men can cause contraction of the penis, increase breast tissue growth and reduce sperm development in men. In women alcohol causes an increase in the hormone called estradial as a form of estrogen which increases the risk of breast cancer.

So guys ... if you like yourself some small balls, big breasts and dead shoots .... DRINK AWAY siblings. And women .... come on ... you're smarter than men.


Alcohol use impairs reaction time and mental acuity for a few days (3) after your night out of alcohol. These delayed reaction times and reduced mental acuity can sometimes be very serious consequences for an athlete. Alcohol use also causes a decrease in eye coordination and will certainly affect your judgment. With reduced intelligence and coordination, the likelihood of injury increases.

One night with a drink of £ 300 at Squats = BAD USE!


Alcohol for every gram has 7 pieces. That's almost twice as much as carbs and protein. Needless to say, the calories in beer are easy to fatten. People who drink moderately are more likely to consume calorie alcohol than their regular calorie intake. This calorie intake promotes the accumulation of body fat. This couple with muscle-building alcohol, we have a Whammy Double in our hands! This can spell disaster for your body composition. Poor body composition affects your ability to engage in almost any physical activity, especially exercise.

v) Recovery:

Strong strong pathways such as severe glycolysis and large amounts of lactic acid are produced which increase the time required for recovery. Drinking alcohol may aggravate soft tissue injury. To prevent injury and prevent further interruption, blood flow to the area should be reduced. Alcohol use has the opposite effect; increase blood flow to the area and thus improve recovery time. Ice in the cake: Alcohol reduces Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 70 percent and releases substances from the liver that are toxic to Testosterone!

So ... less sleep, less HGH, less testosterone .... Need a guide to "HOW to get muscle"? You're here.

vi) SEX !!

The reason Sex has been added to this list is because you care about your performance in the gym or day to day activities; there is a place where EVERYONE (especially men) wants to do their best - Under the sheet! So even if you don't read the words in the eyes mentioned above, I'm sure you have your eyes on this. Alcohol has been shown to cause reduced sexual desire, erectile impotence, premature ejaculation and inadequate ejaculation in men (4). Also, alcohol is known to cause fatigue and fatigue and it doesn't stand you out for intense sessions in bed, does it? Long story short, skipping alcohol while trying to set the mood. It's not used if you can't get it!

So in the future you will be tempted to underestimate liquor, thinking carefully about what you have to offer.

You don't have to be an athlete to keep up with your performance. It is important for every human being who lives on this earth.

You should also remember that alcohol can and will affect only aspects of your life and this article is only about performance. Keep in mind that there are many other areas such as the nervous system, the endocrine system, the reproductive system that are negatively affected by alcohol (5). Therefore, it is not just about your performance but about everything that is related to your body.

Stay smart and make better choices. Quit alcohol and experience drastic improvements in your performance inside and outside the gym.

And we really hope that after reading this article, you stay away from alcohol for good.


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