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Eczema Skin Products - Benefits of Using the Right Eczema Skin Product Combination

There are many ecological products on the market, some of which work better than others. The majority of eczema treatments available are topical or oral. Some topical and oral treatments require prescriptions, while others can be purchased over the counter. Doctors will usually start by showing basic home remedies to suppress problems. If the problem persists, they will offer lotions, creams, pills and prescriptions to deal with more severe cases. When severe, it usually takes more than one type of product to cure cases of eczema.

It's always a good idea to start by practicing basic house remedies first. Start by maintaining good skin hygiene. Avoid certain soaps, bubble baths, wash clothes and brushes. If necessary, use some unused soap, cetaphil, or similar. Make sure you wash all your hand soap and body scrubs carefully as they can cause irritated skin. Another home remedy is to change your clothing detergent. You may only have allergic reactions to certain substances in detergents. Instead of bathing, warm up and apply lotion to the affected area as soon as you leave. Try to avoid heavy activity during the flare as it can cause irritation and spread. It may seem drastic, but moving to warmer climates can help prevent flare. One last thing to look at is the food you eat. You may experience allergic reactions to certain types of foods or ingredients. Trying to change your diet and eating different foods to identify the problem is something you eat.

There are some natural remedies that you can use to help reduce your irritating skin. Acids such as Gamma linolenic acid are important fatty acids that have been proven to help treat eczema. Vitamins such as B-complex, Omega 3 fish oil, vitamin c, and zinc all help reduce eczema.

There are several counter creams that can help treat mild cases of eczema. Brands like Cortaid and Hydro cortisone contain cortisone, which can help solve this problem. Lotion and cream creams are a better alternative to brands. However, when using a prescription cream, you may notice certain side effects such as skin thinning, blisters, and even stretching. Prescription creams usually use higher doses of cortisone or steroids. Please remember to read and follow the instructions for any product you use.

There are several types of oral treatments including antibiotics, antihistamines, corticosteroids, and cyclosporins. Oral antibiotics can be used to reduce bacterial load and help with scratching. Antibiotics are usually used to help with itching but usually do not completely cure the eczema. Antihistamines have also been known to help with itching. Usually you will take this pill at night and can act as a sedative as well. Corticosteroids are rarely used and are the only cases of severe eczema. It's only meant to be used for a short period of time because you can begin to see side effects if used for long periods of time. Cyclosporine is only used in severe conditions and has been known to cause hypertension.

By using a combination of eczema skin products you not only treat your eczema flare and prevent it from coming back. Using these handy tips, you don't have to worry about feeds coming back. If you use home remedies, over the counter and lotion creams or prescription drugs, you should reduce your feed or even eliminate it completely.


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