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Eating Disorders - How Do I Diffuse My Anorexic Daughter When She Has a Meltdown?

One of the best ways to ease your daughter's emotions is to calm yourself down. I heard from many parents, "All I have to say is ... and he's scared, I think I'm making things worse."

Your daughter has a voice in her mind that abuses and controls her. When you ask her to eat more food or try to talk to her about cleaning, it's like a land mine in her mind. The sound of eating disorders reacts to you, not your daughter. When you realize this will help you be more objective and not react to it emotionally.

She still doesn't know that this is a noise disorder or even if the concept has been explained to her, she can't accept it. So when you make a simple request and suggest he put butter on toast, it becomes World War III. Eating disorders claim that he does not allow any fat in his diet so that he is less likely to find you less likely to decline.

The fact is that certain levels are effective in getting you involved in this kind of battle. She knows you can't force her to eat and so does eating disorders. Your goal is not to let it interfere with you, but to respond calmly.

Your challenge is not to internalize what he or she says to you. When he says, "I hate you!" or threaten to eat less or run away, your response could be, "I know you're sad now, do your best." Then continue with family conversations or try to distract them by changing the subject.


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