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Douching to Increase Chances of a Baby Boy Conception

I often write about naturally choosing your baby's gender. Most people know that douching can be an easy and cheap way to change the PH of your body to make it more gender-friendly. While this is true, there are many mistakes out there. For example, many women have heard that douching with baking soda will bring you a son. Although the idea behind this is true, baking soda alone is often not enough. I'll explain why in this article. I will also explain the proper way to use douching if you want a boy, and will offer some other variables that you should consider if you are trying to conceive a baby boy.

The Science Behind Douching To Conceive A Boy: You may know that douching is a tool for getting boys, but do you know why? It is caused by the man's sperm. Sperm (Y) that produces children faster, which is an advantage. However, it is also weak, which can cause serious deficiencies. For example, female sperm can live in your reproductive tract for a few days - no matter the environment, but you should treat male sperm with children's gloves. Acid environment can be a real challenge for the male sperm, where douching enters

Why Complaining With An Unhealthy Baking Soda To Get You Low Low PH For A Baby Baby: Now that you understand why we're cooking, it's also important to understand that how you do it can make a huge difference. Hopefully, I've shown you why men's sperm are weak and high PH is not mixed. So, there is no question that you need to make your vagina more alkaline. People's minds then jump to baking soda because it is an alkaline substance. However, unless you're naturally alkaline, baking soda is often not strong enough to produce an environment that will be low enough to keep sperm Y safe. There are alternatives that can sometimes work better. (You can also try this, which I'll discuss below.)

The Right Way To Have Children: Many people approach this process blindly. They don't know how acidic they really are so they make half-hearted efforts at douching and just hope that they do it right. There is a better way. Get out and buy yourself some vaginal PH tests at a nutrition center or online. Then find out exactly where you fell. Now, you're armed with important information on how much tweaking you need. (Many women will find that they have a good way to go, but it's best to know how to be proactive.) And, there are recipes available (other than baking soda) that can get really dramatic results at home. It is also important to constantly monitor so that you know exactly when you have achieved your goals and are willing to try for men.

If you want to see how well baking soda works, test yourself before baking baking soda and then afterwards. Often, you'll see that there aren't enough changes to get you "in the men's zone."

Your Food And Diet Can Also Help To Lower Your PH: If you want to get the "male friendly" PH as soon as possible, adding an alkaline diet to your regimen can help you get there quickly. This simply means avoiding foods with high PH and supplementing your diet with foods that will neutralize your body and bring you lower readings. Again, there is a list of foods that can make you easy. If you are careful with this and combine it with douching, you should not do it for long. If you're not in a hurry, you can skip this step if you want, but it's an alternative if speed is your concern.

Other Things You Can Do to Help Kids: PH and acidity are very important in getting a man, but you are not home yet. People who fail in this process often do so because they only try to change ONE variable from a few. You really can't leave a lot of opportunities here. The boy's sperm is too weak to allow them to be exposed.

You also need to have your service time at the end of your fertility cycle (ovulation day, preferably). Don't let this happen by chance. Invest in predictors of ovulation so you know for sure.

And, use sex / intercourse that ensures you place sperm where it is very close to your cervix (for the most part, this is deep penetration.) You do this because it buys you time - and time is very valuable when you deal with sperm. short lived boy.


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