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Low Semen Volume - Weak Sperm Count - How To Increase Volume

You can increase the amount of semen and increase the amount of sperm that comes out during ejaculation no matter your age.

Many men say that low sperm counts are not a problem for you unless you are trying to conceive.

Although sperm and semen levels decrease with age, it does not mean that you have to accept low amounts of semen for the rest of your life.

Why men and women dislike weak ejaculation:

Men who have the pride of men who like to speak and like women tend to be the ones who want to increase their semen, after seeing it for years.

This is normal. It produces a high amount of semen when ejaculation is considered male and male and some women feel appreciated when men produce more sperm for it.

The good news is that the amount of semen you ejaculate can be increased using natural techniques.

The top 5 techniques for increasing low semen volume are listed below.

1. Improve nutrition

You may not want to hear that you can't eat fast foods like burgers, french fries and hot dogs but you should stop eating all this and improve your diet if you want to have a healthy sperm.

Certain foods are good for improving men's sexual health and others are bad. Eating libido alone is not enough to maintain good sexual health; you need to stick to a higher diet of protein, high-fat vegetables, and low carbohydrates.

2. Exercise

How can exercise increase low volume of semen?

Easy. The right kind of training is intense circuit training. This alone is sufficient to increase the testosterone levels of men. As testosterone is the main sex hormone, which decreases each year after age 30, increasing testosterone increases your sperm count and volume.

Getting started and exercising are important for the quality and quantity of your sperm.

3. Stay hydrated

One of the worst ways to reduce sperm count is to be too dry.

Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices helps the sperm to melt, to shoot farther and faster and can increase volume if all goes well.

Increasing your water intake if low semen amounts are a problem.

4. Delay in ejaculation

Controlling and delaying ejaculation is very important for semen.

If you pay attention to what happens during sex or masturbation, you may notice that you are experiencing more fluid ejaculation if you delay the ejaculation longer.

Delays beneficial ejaculation while maintaining male libido and increasing semen. Edging orgasm is a technique used to exert a good effect on increasing semen volume and improving erection quality at the same time.

5. Reduce alcohol and smoke

Cement can have a negative effect on regular alcohol consumption, especially when alcohol is beer.

Alcohol can lower testosterone levels and accelerate the rate at which male libido decreases.

Beer is also a contributor here, as it has been shown to promote estrogen production in the body, which can lead to men with soft bodies, poor manboobs and libido and poor sperm quality.

To increase semen, reduce alcohol intake.

When you drink, avoid drinking beer.

Smoking is equally harmful to sexual health. Always smoke and enjoy the benefits. It also means weed.

Low semen and poor sperm count can be significantly affected by the above techniques.


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