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Do 8-Pack Abs Really Exist?

Is 8-pack abs myth or magic? You may want to find out if it's soon after you get your 6-pack abs. But the first question to keep in mind is, is there a difference between 6-pack abs and 8-pack abs?

Before you start counting the number of packs, think that the 8-pack abs are actually a super 6 pack definition abs. If you can't see any difference between the two, because there are but just fine, keep in mind that the 8-pack abs will give you a physical advantage not available to those with 6-pack abs.

Eight 8-pack abs can be found on the bottom of the abdomen just under six packs and they are actually the thin, tight middle part.

Although both eight packs and six packs form the rectum of the abdominus rectum, it is the tendon that separates and separates each other from the other.

Unfortunately, not all ladies are blessed with the gift of reaching eight packs. Genetics plays a key role in getting 8-pack abs and will act as a finalist if 6-pack abs are all you can do. There are some obvious signs if you have the gene to reach 8-pack abs. See if your lower abdominal tendon is still large and whether you are fortunate enough to expand your abdominal pay to 8-pack abs.

People who eat fat, sugar, and alcoholic beverages will not get any of the 6 packs or 8 packs. It goes to show that only the determined and disciplined will get them.

If you have taken the step toward achieving 6-pack abs through rigorous training and nutrition, developing 8-pack abs also has the same mechanism: strengthening muscles and losing fat.

Dual tasks can be achieved with a low fat, low sugar diet, weight training, and cardiovascular exercise. It sounds like getting 6-pack abs but reaching another level is difficult and can sometimes be frustrating.

Your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and poultry, fresh fish, adequate fiber, and plenty of water.

In addition to aerobic cardiovascular exercises, you also need to incorporate 20-30 minutes of cardio training into your daily routine. It's okay to be persistent but don't delay by adding another 30 minutes.

Free weight training also helps in burning fat and building muscle through increasing your body temperature. It is important that exercise should focus on your middle when you do your abdominal routine. Exercise with high and low reps to make your abdominal muscles grow and lose fat.

The 8 packs are yours to achieve given the following formulas: good genes, proper diet, and abdominal exercises that focus on the middle.


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