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Delicious Food Good for Eyes - The Eye Health Benefits of Walnuts

When it comes to snacks, you may find that it's hard to find foods that are not only delicious but healthy at the same time. However, this is not always true in all cases. For example, when it comes to eye health, if you are looking for a snack that meets this criterion, Knowing is a good choice. So if you've ever wondered whether or not Walnut is good for your eyes, here are some benefits of Walnut for better eyesight:

Rich Omega 3 Fatty Acids: These eye foods are made up of higher levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids than other beans. For example, some scientific studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration. An eye doctor recommends a diet consisting of Omega 3 fatty acids as this is a great way to support eye health.

Rich Antioxidant Content: Nutritionist Rebecca Katz from "Longevity Kitchen Magazine" states: "Oats for one ounce of walnut have twice as much antioxidant than any other nut." The research was presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society where scientists presented the analysis supporting this conclusion. Scientist Joe Vinson, PHD, who conducted the analysis, said: "Walnuts are above ground peanuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios and nuts. enough to eat them is that they think they are obese. It is revealed that the type of fat found in Walnut is not a type of saturated fat artery blocker, but rather a healthy fat called soluble fat that actually supports heart health.

Vitamins and Nutrients Support the Eye: This diet improves vision, which is made up of Vitamin E. In the case of Vitamin E, research has shown the benefits of this nutrient in terms of slowing the development of cataracts.

Walnut is made up of Zinc and Selenium. It is an important antioxidant that plays an important role in protecting the eye from the negative effects of free radicals that cause damage to the eye cells. From this point of view, they help in the prevention of age-related vision disorders.

On the plus side, nutritionists recommend eating a handful of walnuts a day to promote heart health as well as general health. So, from a general health point of view, here are some additional benefits of Walnut for the eye:

Examining a few daily cans not only protects the health of your eyes, but interestingly, health experts have identified the benefits of weight loss associated with eating healthy snacks. It really helps in helping you maintain or lose weight. Much of the interest in the medical community has been focused on the fact that eating walnuts in moderation, daily, can actually increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels and help improve heart health.

Finding healthy foods that are not only good for the eyes but your taste buds need not be a daunting task. By incorporating a handful of walnuts into your diet, you are providing eye antioxidant protection against age-related vision disorders. By doing this, you will also improve your general health in areas related to promoting good cholesterol levels, improved heart health and even weight loss. In the end, when it came to eating to support eye health and general health, it turned out that a snack with Walnut became a healthy snack alternative.


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