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Best Abs Exercise For Healthy Flat Abdomen - Get Flat Abs by Next Month

Do you have an idea of ​​the best abs exercises that can be most effective for your abdominal muscles? If you are dealing with the presence of excellent abs and abdomen, then the following guidelines can help you pave the way for you to achieve your dream.

According to a study done at San Diego State University by the Biomechanics Lab, the most popular abdominal exercise is bike training while the usual abs problem comes in the last three places.

Research uses specialized tools to calculate abdominal muscle activity to identify the best abs training. About 30 individuals between the ages of 20 and 45 participated in the research. Each participant performed 10 to 20 repetitions of 13 regular abs exercises. Each exercise was given to the participants at random and they were allowed to practice.

In addition, the research includes several well-known abdominal abdominal devices such as abs rocker, abs roller and exercise ball.

The best Abs training

Bicylcle exercises are considered most effective for rectal abdominus. Next to the list is the captain's chair and the third is the collapse of the exercise ball. The most effective exercises for the oblique muscles are the captain's seat in the top while the bicycle maneuvers and the reverse pressure are in second and third.

Exercises for rectal abdominus taking the last 3 places are long sleeves, upright legs, and arms. Despite the exercise of the ball, the leg pressure and the hover also get the last place for the oblique muscle exercises.

Get Abs Flat

Although there are about a hundred stomach exercises for you to use, but to achieve a flat stomach, you should aim to reduce belly fat. The best type of exercise to lose belly fat is not abdominal exercise but aerobics. You need to do aerobics or what is also known as fat burning exercise to eliminate and reduce fat.

Your regular weekly routine must include both aerobic and strength training. By combining the two into your workouts, you will not only burn fat but also build lean muscle.

However, keep in mind that all of these exercises do not offer the freedom to eat whatever you like. However, you need to include a healthy diet to help reduce fat.

To truly achieve six packs of abs, make sure you watch what you eat, do aerobic exercise and focus on exercises that can be effective in achieving your goals.


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