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Cancer Patients - Beware of Fundamentalism in the Cancer Healing Industry

Once I hold a very different view. In 1972 I owned a health food restaurant in a small surf town in Australia. New to 'health food' I tell everyone about the benefits of vegetarianism. Rodel junkie loves it; in a few short years, I became a 'naturalist foodie naturalist.' I soon sold my shop and bought some land in the mountains behind Byron Bay, to go 'organic'. I sincerely believed in the power of nature to heal our bodies and I began to dislike western medicine because of my 'chosen' reading. This is almost inevitable because most of my friends feel the same way.

But as much as I wanted to believe in natural medicine, I began to see it fail to fulfill those promises,

So I changed? Time is a wonderful teacher — it mellows one such good wine. Over time I have seen that the elements of the natural health movement are as fundamentalist as the religious religion. As someone who's 'older' you have a moment — you look at things in the background — you see what works and what doesn't. No time replacement!

Over the last nine years my world has changed and I have to adjust to my ideology. I entered the world of cancer healing. As a cancer charity director, helping my friend with her cancer patients, I became obsessed with the growing trend. Many patients have come to believe in the widespread diet promoted through books and the internet. I saw how they became lulled, almost satisfied with the 'ideology of natural healing'. while at the same time their bodies are secretly destroyed due to the cancer spreading. They maintain their confidence even when their tumor is fungated and ruptured through the skin. They, and 'natural practitioners'. taking care of them, seems to have a passionate belief in their body for healing but very little understanding of the nature of cancer. Diets include Gerson, vegan, raw, raw vegan and a variety of combinations. They have become as natural fundamentalists as I have ever been, 'cherry picks their trust, their peer group and ignore any evidence and exceptions that go against the rules.

Because of my belief in nature I really want to see people heal themselves by following a natural path — but I don't — and it shakes my foundation like a 7-team earthquake. It was also my partner's experience in his 4 years of cancer work.

By the mid-seventies, at the age of 21, she would be a full-time carer for her boyfriend, after she lost a leg to bone cancer. Against all odds he survived! When he, his family, friends, and medical professors gave him up because he always maintained he would survive. Show her confidence — they got married when she was only 2 weeks old.

Imagine if you could; of this caliber of women — she married a man with a cancerous leg when he had two weeks to live. It wasn't a good relationship but he refused to leave it. They try everything and win. He was in remission (or so they thought later) by 1978. Their stories make history in Australia and build a well-known foundation that helps people with cancer. Established in her healing skills, my partner has helped over 16,000 cancer patients in a career spanning 40 years.

No one wants to cure nature for working more than she, a vegetarian from the age of five, rarely at that time in Australia, with a strong belief in natural diet, admits she has never personally seen an extreme diet with effective with cancer patients and on the contrary, every patient he sees on alternative medical pathways dies from a tragic death. I have thoroughly questioned this topic. Over the years she has been observing some of her richer patients going to clinics in Mexico and other countries where diet-based treatments are legal. They all died. Today she promotes mid-diet diets (such as healthy Mediterranean) but not at the expense of other orthodox treatments.

Indeed, even her ex-husband's recovery has been widely reported. It is a well-known cancer recovery story, and it has millions but it is not accurate! Its success is due to the vegan diet, meditation and loving support. But she has never been on a vegan diet in the 22 years she has been cooking and providing full time care; he eats calves, fish, other seafood, eggs, and dairy products. He said he also had some luck with meditation during illness; so is his pain; he usually sleeps.

Even medical journals can go wrong! Interestingly, in 1978, her ex-husband's forgiveness was reported in the prestigious Australian Medical Journal (MJA). It may be that Meares, like a dietary fundamentalist, has his own agenda, to prove that his medications can cure serious illnesses such as cancer. If you Google Ainslie Meares you will find it written in cyberspace. However, this is not true information, but patients in the world have no reason to doubt and thus faithfully follow the promoted regime. The story also centers on yoga and meditation schools that embody the idea of ​​meditation treating cancer.

Despite decades of trying to deal with what my partner knew to be fake information, reports of her ex-husband's recovery have been widespread on the internet, strongly promoted by the healing properties of people like me. Forge my story with thousands, or millions and we see how 'memes' was born. (The emerging idea) As a yoga teacher and self-trained meditation teacher, I have always advocated the benefits of meditation. 'Hey did you hear about the man who cured his cancer doing intense meditation? Yes, another good reason why we all need to meditate. I'm sorry. I'm proselytized. Because of my spirit, 'emotional fundamentalism' to me, certain contradictory information is invisible to me — for example, I do not remember many famous meditation masters who died of cancer — that is a troubling truth. Like Dr. Meares, I have an agenda!

I'm concerned about seeing urban myths like snowballs into dangerous snow resulting in unnecessary death. In practice, my partner drew a lot of 'finals'. who realized his reputation for getting 'the worst cases'. I'm sorry. Many of them have tried to emulate the example of their ex-husbands - what they believe to be their path to well-being. Innocent he fell to her to straighten her. It comes as a surprise for patients to be told the right account — especially after spending years practicing 3 hours of daily meditation (with social isolation created) and the stress of diet and fasting.

He says the story may be one of the most misunderstood in the new-age healing industry but, unfortunately, it is not isolated. Unfortunately there are other celebrities in the cancer healing industry whose story is not the same as their medical history. In 2015, we saw the death of Wellness Warrior (WW), an exciting cancer healing blooger that followed her mother's death from cancer earlier this year. Both are trying to cure it naturally. WW is good at social media and his message reaches hundreds of thousands of followers. Depression patients are exposed and will believe what they read if it offers them hope — but we know it's not a false hope.

Fear of surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments has led many to the internet where the miracle of healing anecdotal cancer abounds. When it comes to deeper scrutiny, many of the claims are thinner and less evidence-based. Just because the story is repeated on many websites does not testify to its truth.

Natural health fundamentalists like me, take and spread stories without thinking much about the consequences. Cancer patients may live or die depending on the accuracy of the information. I now realize that I have a moral responsibility to promote the truth — as we all do.

The fundamentalist approach (Try talking to a raw food advocate on this topic) can be one aspect and make it more difficult for desperate patients to navigate the cancer maze. Be careful, your own fundamentalism — like me, you may believe that you can cure cancer with a raw food diet, meditate 3-5 hours a day or eat an apricot kernel - whether it is true or not.

With millions of web articles responding to Google searches for vegetarianism, vegans, raw diets, medications cancer medications — many are misquoting stories; my friend advised patients who did an internet search to confirm that the claim was made by a 'cancer' expert. that treats cancer in a 'natural' way, is medically verified (see medical records)

We recommend that you be informed, choose wisely, walk the path, take the best out of all your life-changing modalities.


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