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Can I Lose Weight With Biltong?

Is it possible to lose weight eating biltong?

Are you looking for healthy snacks, that won't give you weight, and taste good? Then eat the biltong! Biltong has many good qualities, and health benefits. Read on to see why it's good for your body, and your health.

Muscle building:

Biltong is great for building strong, healthy muscles, because of its high protein content.

Protein is important for your body. It acts as a fuel source and provides it with energy, and helps build body tissues.

As long as you don't eat too much fat, you don't have to worry about gaining weight, just muscle.

Protein is essential for body function:

Protein is very important for your body and it works well. It provides the body with antibodies to help protect it from viruses and bacteria. Proteins provide the structure, and support of cells, for healthy cell growth.

Provide all the energy your body needs:

It is a well-known fact that carbohydrates lead to weight gain. Biltong has a very low amount of carbohydrates, but it still provides your body with the amount of energy it needs. This is why many athletes love snacks on it. It is a healthier substitute than other low-carbohydrate meat products. The biggest plus is that it tastes great!

Healthy food sources:

Biltong has no artificial flavors, dyes, or other chemicals, which are harmful to your health. The only ingredients added to it are vinegar, black pepper, coriander, salt and (sometimes, sugar). Some meat products can be very harmful to your body, due to added ingredients, such as sodium nitrate, monosodium glutamate and other preservatives.

Prevent Anemia:

Biltong is rich, like all red meat in iron. We all need iron to keep our red blood cells healthy.

Save on pregnancy:

Biltong is a great source of healthy protein that will help you develop strong and healthy muscles and will not harm you or your baby during pregnancy. It helps regulate your appetite, and stabilizes your blood glucose levels.

Babies & kiddies

Biltong is safe to give to babies when they are growing their teeth. It's a chew toy for them, and a great alternative to commercial products. Kids of all ages love biltong, which is a good idea for Mom to use as a healthy snack.

Being typical of South Africa, with biltong being part of our staple diet, I can recommend it for all the health benefits above. Plus, it's the perfect snack to enjoy during the day, while watching sports, or having a few drinks. So enjoy your biltong, as it contributes to a healthy lifestyle. But remember, as with everything else, the key is simplicity.


(Avoid eating soft biltong during pregnancy because high-risk raw meat carries bacteria. It is recommended to eat high quality buns and from reliable sources.)


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