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Avoiding Hemorrhoids - Advice for Truck Drivers

Find out the causes of hemorrhoids and inactivity terms will always be among the list, and may be high on the list. Therefore, there is no revelation that Axis Health Insurance, a company that seems to meet the needs of Truck Driver, lists hemorrhoids among the major ailments for the job. Although not your usual office environment, most truck taxis leave little room for movement. In addition, side-to-side movement, and bumps and lines from uneven road surfaces, putting pressure on the anus region increases the potential for hemorrhoids to develop.

The high incidence of the disease among Professional Truckers raises some questions. How and why do they impact high hemorrhoids? Is it possible to prevent and prevent possible hemorrhoids? If not, what could be the sound, treatment?

How and Why Impact

Look at almost any cause of hemorrhoids and you'll see "inactive" jobs that are usually associated with office work. However, consider that a truck driver's office is his taxi, where he always assumes a sitting position. This is in addition to the fact that the job demands that the truck driver be very aware of schedule leaving little opportunity for a healthy bathroom routine and good exercise routine.

Is Avoiding Hemorrhoids Possible

In my last article on this subject, I referred to the medical opinion, that when it comes to hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, "one ounce of prevention is worth the weight of healing". So what can truck drivers do to avoid and thus prevent this problem? According to Joy Seeman, Staff Writer for the Hemorrhoid Information Center, the "Truck Driver and Hemorrhoid" article of daily drinking water will help prevent hemorrhoids.

Another website, "" agrees with the proposal to drink more water. In addition, they supplement a diet rich in high fiber foods, such as more fats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. And, on the contrary, they recommend avoiding refined or processed foods, as they cannot pass through the colon easily, and may result in the need to control bowel movements.

An additional thing truck drivers need to do is change their bowel habits. In other words, don't wait until the desire is strong. This, according to, gives impurities time to harden, resulting in the need for strain during bowel movements.

Sound Treatment Plan

Hemorrhoid Information Center says hemorrhoids are one of the three most searched health conditions on the internet. This has resulted in the collapse of products and treatments being treated on the internet. For this reason, most of the writing on this condition is highly recommended to get your Doctor's exam. Why not? Only to prevent other possible problems, such as rectal cancer, and the condition known as "annal fissures" which is a tear in the anus or anus.

Another recommendation is for patients to have a test called sigmoidoscopy that allows doctors to examine the colon for abnormalities.

Personally, I hope that doesn't happen. Any truck that has to hold the sigmoidoscope examination will think someone is trying to drive its 18-wheeler behind it. Also, exams are a good idea.

If the examination reveals that a person is dealing with only a mild case, then the suggestions from "WEBMd" may suffice. Their recommendation is "Most hemorrhoids can be treated with modest changes in diet and bowel habits. Most do not need surgery or other treatment unless they are very large and painful.

In conclusion

Although they may not think so, the Professional Truck Driver, has an inactive job. A job that restricts movement or walking, and unlike normal office environments, one that causes the body to vibrate and be thrown off during a road trip. This combined effect increases the potential for hemorrhoids.

While there are things truck drivers can do to prevent it, if it does, the first step is to see a doctor for a test. If hemorrhoids are not serious, dietary changes, including more daily water and exercise routines, while not easy for truck drivers, are a recommended treatment. For more serious cases, follow your Doctor's advice.

Warren Robinson


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