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Are You on Medication and Looking For a Blood Pressure Natural Treatment As an Alternative?

Can natural blood treatment really reduce your BP reading by 20 points? It is possible if you want. And it can be done quickly and safely in less than three weeks. But, like so many things in life, you really need it.

High blood pressure may not be what you think your family has. Then one day your doctor tells you that you have pre-hypertension or stage 1. Life changes. You suddenly lost some freedom. You have a potentially deadly disease hanging over your head. You might be stuck with a bottle or two for the rest of your life. Isn't this how you planned it?

Alright don't give up. Once you have the knowledge you will have the power to control your condition and get your body back to normal.

The American Heart Association confirms controlling hypertension using lifestyle changes. They even find that blood pressure medication is only useful when diet and exercise changes fail. Thousands of Americans have turned to alternative treatments to not only control but treat their high blood pressure.

So how do you make this happen? What changes in your life do you need to make to overcome this disease? What do you need to do to see quick results?

The answer is that you need to focus on three key areas of your life; diet, exercise and stress management. If you want very fast results, you need to focus more on the recommended changes. However, making many changes at once is difficult for many people and they may give up before they reach their goals.

The good news is this. You don't have to be a health Nazi. As long as you make additional changes in all three areas, you will have an impact on your efforts to reduce stress.

Exercise is the fastest way to lower your stress and also offer other benefits. Every thirty minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking, biking or swimming can reduce your stress by 2 to 3 points and the benefits will last for 22 hours. In addition you will burn adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are produced by stress. Eventually you will lose some weight and that will reduce stress.

Managing your stress is a very important part of treatment. Understand that it is not a job, or money, or a relationship that causes stress; it's the fact that your brain perceives it as a threat and alters the reaction or flight. This in turn increases blood pressure and releases some chemicals that can be harmful if not burned naturally.

In other words, you need to rethink how you perceive the pressure. Take the time to really analyze them and make them a challenge instead of a source of stress. The brain reacts to the challenge in a way that is completely different from the threat. To do that rethink, you need to get your brain up against it. Deep breathing exercises, binaural tones, simple yoga poses or just listening to the music you enjoy can help you get that set.

Biggie is a diet. Your diet may be the main reason you have high blood pressure. Get a copy of the DASH diet and follow the recipe there. If you're like most Americans, you'll get a quick breakfast, OK donuts or bagels or a "breakfast" sandwich and then lunch, too. This is a great source of sodium. Restaurants are known for their salt use. If you can, bag the chocolate. At least get up early for a healthy breakfast.

Your diet will change especially with the reduction of salt, red meat and fried foods as well as the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken and lean white meat. You will also find some surprising foods such as dark chocolate.

And that's a natural treatment that can turn you from a pill that is "at risk" to a blood pressure patient to a healthy person with normal stress. It takes some work but I think you'll agree it's worth the effort.


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