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Best Sexual Position for Couples of Different Physical Constitutions

In a series of bestselling sexual positions, we cover a variety of positions that should be taken during sexual activity, for different purposes.

This article is concerned with unbalanced couples; like thin men and corpulent women, thin women and fat men, and ultimately the best sexual position if both partners are corpulent.

This position is adapted from the Arab Classic 'The Perfumed Garden', a timeless masterpiece.

The Thin Man and the Corpulent Woman

Men must assume their best sexual position is their side.

The man put the woman next to him, and took the thighs above his feet, raising them as high as possible on his own feet, so that he would rest on his hips.

The man will use the woman's lower arm as a pillow for his head, and the actual pillow under his own hips (to make sure his penis is at the right height to penetrate the woman).

This is done because the woman's thighs are very thick, and thus without high adjustments, the man will not be in position to penetrate the woman.

The couple, who are now engaged, can be pulled together (the man declines and the woman declines, the woman refuses and the man declines). This is the best sexual position for thin men and fat women.

The Thin Woman and the Corpulent Man

There are more variations for thin women and fat men, but the following are best. The man was behind him with his feet flat. Her belly fat will, due to gravity, spread evenly.

The woman released the man, and with his knees and hands on the bed (or floor) the man grabbed her hand. He must move into the movements of the belly dancer (or bump and grind).

If he can't do this movement (some women can't) the man can push his movements with his knees bent ... but it is better for the woman to move. This is the best sexual position for thin women and fat men

Pregnant couple

Fat couples will often have problems with sexual acts, especially if they have a large and prominent stomach.

The best (and only) sexual position for them is for the woman to go "all four", but raise her back to expose her genitals. His legs should be open as much as possible, and the man should take his own knees, separate his legs, and then push them from behind.

The man must hold his stomach with his hands or put it behind his back. If she could put her stomach down, she could hold onto the woman, and pull and push her in a knocking motion.

However, the woman's buttocks are too low to rest her stomach, the man must put a pillow under his knee to raise it. This is the best, and probably the only successful sexual position for a fat couple.


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