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Anti Aging Resveratrol - The Truth About the Benefits of Resveratrol

Anti-Aging Resveratrol

Resveratrol is considered a secret ingredient behind the "French Paradox" - a longer French life with less cases of heart disease despite a high fat diet. Is it really possible to capture the life that extends the character of the French diet and put it in pills? Many researchers and scientists will argue yes. The key is red wine. In particular, one specific component is at the center of anti-aging research and is labeled as Resveratrol's life-healing ingredient.

Resveratrol is a natural ingredient found in certain plants to protect them from fungal and / or bacterial attacks. Grapes, peas and other plants that are constantly attacked by fungi produce Resveratrol to prevent fungus from harming and infecting plants. Resveratrol concentration varies depending on the geographic location of the plant and exposure to fungal infections. Areas such as Bordeaux, in France, which have high humidity, breeding grounds perfect for mold and fungus, produce grapes with very high resveratrol concentrations and therefore their red grapes also inherit this benefit.

Laboratory Results and Scientific Evidence in Resveratrol Support

Scientific results with Resveratrol have shown that it lengthens and increases the morale of animals. Experiments by the Howitz and Sinclair groups concluded that resveratrol increased the yeast lifespan by almost 60%. Later experiments on fruit flies, worms and fish not only confirm the ability of this material to prolong life but also to delay the effects of aging degeneration. Recent experiments conducted on short-lived fishes not only increased their survival by more than 50%, compared to control fish not supplemented with resveratrol, but older fish showed higher swimming activity and improved ability to avoid non-stimulating fun so it increases their energy levels and mental acuity.

Resveratrol Experiments in Mice

Resection results with resveratrol were performed using mice by researchers at Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging. The experiment involved 3 groups of mice:

i) mice that feed on standard foods

ii) mice provide high fat foods

iii) rats fed high fat with high dose of resveratrol

The decision was a bit shocking. As expected, a group of obese diet mice developed obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and normal diet mice did not. The second test group, supported by high resveratrol, survived as the control group (rats eating a standard diet), while the high-fat diet group died younger. Mouse insulin and glucose levels on a high-fat resveratrol diet are closer to those who provide a standard diet.

How Will Reveratrol Affect Us?

Although mice are closer, biologically, to humans and genetically similar to ours, they are still not humans. Since we live up to 65+, it will take some time before the conclusive evidence of humans can be reached. David Sinclair of Harvard, one of the researchers leading the study on resveratrol's anti-aging ability, has publicly stated that he has been taking resveratrol for more than 6 years. Its ability to reverse the effects of aging is very promising for its potential in humans.

How To Increase Your Diet With Resveratrol?

There are several ways to include resveratrol in your daily diet. Of course you can drink red wine but the amount of resveratrol contained in the wine is very dependent on the origin of the wine itself. Typically, 150 ml of wine contains between 0.3 - 1.9 mg of resveratrol while the average resveratrol supplement contains between 20 - 200 mg. Peanuts and grapes are another source of resveratrol but again they contain too little to provide the lifelong benefits seen in research experiments.

The best way to incorporate Resveratrol into your diet is through herbal supplements. There are no prescribed or recommended doses but most doctors recommend 100-300 mg daily. I have tried several brands including Nature's Way and Biotivia Transmax but I have chosen resveratrol Resjuve.


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