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Yoga for PCOD or PCOS

In India, about 35 percent of women, including young girls, have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also known as polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Studies show that yoga is very helpful in controlling and preventing these symptoms.

PCOS briefly:

Politics means many or many cysts. The cyst is a follicle that is not built into the ovary. "Syndrome" means a group of symptoms such as irregularity or absence of menstruation, infertility, high BP, obesity, depression, sleep apnea, insulin resistance and other hormone imbalances. It is unusual that two women experience the same symptoms. Excess weight and insulin resistance can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Although, the cause of PCOS is unknown, hereditary and inactive lifestyle may be contributing factors.

Treatment of Yogis:

Helps yoga in weight loss and improves digestive system. It cures constipation and helps better absorption of food. When practicing yoga, you should avoid eating processed foods. Fat intake should be from unsaturated fat. Unhealthy ingredients like chips, cakes, baked goods, breakfast cereals, and sugars full of trans fats or hydrogenated oils increase LDL, bad cholesterol, and lower HDL protection, good cholesterol. The current yogic diet is organized, in addition to fruits, fiber-rich vegetables and grains. Omega 3 intake of beans, herbs, and soy products is good for controlling insulin and blood pressure.

Asanas practice:

Yoga resembles a mahogany stimulating thyroid gland that controls metabolism. Stretch or shoulder position corrects uterine displacement, menstrual disorders and urination. A convective storm or a tightened corner strengthens the bladder and uterus. The pituitary and pineal glands are stimulated and enriched through death (fish pose). Manjarasana or cats give rise to the female reproductive system. Capacity (respiratory) activates the pancreas that produces insulin. Yoga has been found to lower fasting blood sugar in people with diabetes. Depression, anxiety and emotional disorders are corrected by pranayama vilom anulom. Self-awareness gives us a sense of satisfaction and acceptance of our ways. Meditation keeps the mind and body stable and helps pregnant women normalize cortisol levels, which are released in response to stress. Although yoga is a risk-free activity, it needs to be done under the guidance of an expert to get optimal results in no time.

Other benefits of yoga:

• Mental and physical well-being for all

• Reduces stress / anxiety levels in working professionals

• General fitness for housewives and parents

• Better student engagement


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