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Worship Of The Obese

Primitive tribes around the world believe in animal sacrifice. Natural disasters are blamed on angry gods who have to be happy, they feel that the way to appease angry gods is to offer them a burning animal. These animals are usually a goat or a bull. The animal was then taken to a high location, where it was burned alive. The smoke coming from the burning animal should have been blown into the stomach of the god. If the disaster continues, it is believed that their god is still dissatisfied. It is time for human sacrifice. This is considered the best way to please God.

The perfect human offering to a hungry god is young fat women, the heavier the women, the better their performances. The only problem with these primitive clans is that fat women do not exist. In an environment full of hunger or drought there are no fat women. The only way to solve the problem is to raise them as you would a cow. They do this by encouraging children until they reach adulthood. Fat women were treated like nobles, and were taught that it was an honor to be sacrificed as food for the gods. The tribesmen begged for the opportunity to enter the nobility and become fat until they were fat. Some fat noblemen gained 400 pounds before they were offered to their gods in the form of smoke.

In today's fat world women are not treated as noblemen, nor are they intended as food for hungry gods. No one is trying to make children fat for the purpose of making them fat, and hungry gods are not believed to exist. Drought and famine are no longer blamed by the cannibal god who created them as food for food.

It would be a better world if heavy women were once again treated as noblemen. But it is not for the purpose of feeding the hungry god. A world full of adorable fat women will be a blessing to those who don't like to eat food. They will be able to eat the food they want and still be attractive to the people who worship their obesity. Creating a world of heavy women will be easy. The super market shelves are full of delicious food, and women can be persuaded to eat as much as they want. They'll be fat soon. The hard part is getting men to worship and love these tough women. This can be done through the power of advertising


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