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Arthritis - The Cause and How to Reverse It

Estimates report that currently 45 million Americans suffer from painful or crippling arthritis. Many others have symptoms of arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and gout.
Currently, the common perception of both medical and public organizations is that arthritis is a chronic disease treated with anti-inflammatory and cortical. The disease is considered progressive and there is no known cure. Did that really happen?

A serious problem with this perception is the lack of information that explains the origin of stress and as a result of potential opportunities to work to correct the source of the disease. Dr. Swilling, a consultant for the project, has spent 25 years in research to uncover the origin of diseases and diseases and diseases, presents therapeutic research that explains the origin of arthritis and explains how these have led to effective healing, symptom reversal and a return to good health. Yes.
Scientific literature offers several factors known to contribute to stress including the following:

1. Poor nutrition and diet

2. Insufficient digestion

3. Emotions, Relationships, Jobs

4. Environmental Pollution

5. Infection

6. Parasites

7. Lack of posture

8. Past Surgery or Injury

Dr Swilling goes beyond explaining the impact of the above factors on the development of stress. He shows examples of four important factors in the development of the disease.

1. The stress is the breakdown of biochemical equilibrium that leads to the switch from anabolic to catabolic conditions. That catabolic state creates inflammation that starts arthritis. Persistent imbalance leads to progressive catabolic degeneration of progressive disease. Once this process is understood by arthritic patients who are guided to the TCH Arthritis Support Program focusing on biochemical balance recovery, the catabolic process is reversed to start inflammation reduction, healing and returning to good health.

2. Breakthrough studies reveal that the breakdown of electrolyte equilibrium leads to increased pH levels which increase the rate of inflammation and damage.

3. Unnatural fast foods, alcohol, sugar-based foods, coffee and caffeinated beverages that are acidic.

4. Accelerated damage due to free radical damage due to insufficient oxygen, water and unusual free radical activity produced by food cooked in microwave and deep frying.

Other factors known to accelerate the damage caused by any of the four examples are illustrated as follows:

Diet and Diet

Our creator means we will supply all the essential nutrients from plants grown on soil rich in nutrients, water and oxygen that is not contaminated with clean air. These nutrients are used by the body to produce energy and function responsible for good health to young people up to the age of 129-135. However, due to unnatural agricultural practices, plants are grown on depleted soil. Chemical fertilizers and herbicides are absorbed into plants and subsequently into the food chain.

To add insult to injury, our staple foods are refined and processed, thereby reducing the health of vital nutrients, contaminated with chemical additives to prolong life, mimic the natural taste and so on.

Our water and air are polluted. When nutrients are no longer sufficient to meet the required level, deficiencies and imbalances can cause symptoms, illnesses and illnesses.
Dr. Swilling has uncovered the greatest research in the subject of nutrient deficiency, especially in relation to mineral deficiencies leading to the degradation of electrolyte chemistry and similar changes in the critical pH balance responsible for disease progression (The subject is described in the book by Dr. Swilling - Mineral Key to Health and Powerful Life).

The medical opinion is that Arthritis has nothing to do with diet and diet. They have no training or understanding of biochemistry and arthritis is actually a manifestation of serious resource deprivation that cannot meet the demands of stress. Many studies have measured severe demand for sources during stress especially in relation to proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all other nutrients.

These studies explain how stress in all its many forms triggers biological and biochemical reactions to alter storage sites to provide the resources needed to meet pressure demand. This response is common to all when stress conditions cause the heart to pump harder, the heart rate faster and blood pressure increases.

When this storage site is depleted (like glycogen in the liver) hormones (such as the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid) are released to become active in what is described as a catabolic chemical (as opposed to anabolic). A chemical attack of carcinol invades the cellular tissue to release unavailable sources from the storage site.

The more serious, prolonged or often this shortage is, the more damage it becomes. Another interesting evidence is that these catabolic chemicals target weak sites. It is a target site that is the site of inflammation that develops into arthritis. Depending on the site, the extent of the damage and the chemistry of the collateral, as well as the type of arthritis determined. In systemic arthritis, synovial fluid has become acidic due to waste and chemicals.

In other studies, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances lead to changes in the state of the cell, neurology and bone, which have been shown to be different forms of disease.

Studies have shown that most people with arthritis suffer from severe stress before the onset of the disease; that their diet is a severe deficiency in many respects; and that the levels of vitamins in their blood, especially vitamin C and pantothenic acid, are very low.

2. Lack of Diet and Diet

Poor diet and nutrition mean the following:

a. Processed foods such as white rice noodles, especially when combined with sugary, spicy and salty foods.

b. Too much carbohydrate and sugar changes the digestive pH, reducing pantothenic acid and important digestive enzymes.

3. Insufficient food

Does not meet daily nutritional requirements.

In particular, the long gap between foods. Those who skip breakfast or have a light breakfast or coffee and toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a long gap before dinner.
There are thousands of studies that report the severe pain following processed foods and how they cause blood sugar to peak followed by severe diving. Severe changes between peaks and dives use energy from the storage site leading to hormone reactions and an increased risk of catabolic damage.

4. Insufficient nutrition

Satisfying stress claims is the most challenging objective for arthritis patients. Thousands of arthritics have been shocked to find that their breakfast and breakfast at the end of the day are not enough to cause their illness. The stages of imperfection can be described as follows:

a. A minimal breakfast may be sufficient for a person who has no job frustration, discipline and demands for behavior and performance, stress relationships and so on.

The fact is that breakfast and average dinner do not meet the demands of modern lifestyle pressures. When the day starts with a good breakfast, followed by a hearty lunch and dinner, the chances increase dramatically. Arthritics improve dramatically as they manage 6 nutritious meals and snacks each day.

b. Research has revealed that dishes cooked in the microwave have most of the value of the food being destroyed. In addition, there are many other side effects that accelerate the activity of free radicals and catabolic damage.

c. Deep fried oils in oils as provided by well-known chicken fryers accelerate catabolic damage (because they are radically free of heated oils). Many vendors recycle oil several times to save money.

5. Insufficient assimilation

Studies show how a poor diet, a long gap between foods and frequent stress lead to changes in the digestive tract pH, which eliminates pantothenic acid, HCL and enzymes that are essential for achieving efficient protein digestion and nutritional assimilation needed to meet stress demands.

6. Chemical Poisoning

Chemicals absorbed from body contact such as cosmetics, nail varnishes and antiperspirants. Add to household cleaners, soaps and so on.

7. Environmental Pollution

Many arthritis have detected their condition against contamination such as chemical exposure from work: for example spraying insects, painters, printers, and those working in factories using chemicals. Farmers who use chemical fertilizers and gardeners use chemical fertilizers are also vulnerable.

8. Parasites, Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses

Parasites, bacteria and viruses penetrate cells that are damaged by the destruction of poisons and acids. This is especially true for non-harmful viruses while outside the cell. When these invaders penetrate cells, they multiply, thereby increasing their acidity and inflammation.

9. Mental and Emotional Stress

In another category, studies have shown that those who are worse off despite maintaining a good diet, stress can be detected by frustration at work and personal relationships. Patients are trained to be aware of these pressures and guided by the actions needed to improve them, heal dramatically.

Arthritis can develop in early childhood as in the Stills of Disease or over a decade depending on the source of stress. The evidence is that many arthritics cannot release the emotional stress associated with repressed desires, the strict discipline imposed by strict parents, the loss of a loved one, the frustration of unhappy relationships or the loneliness of a life-cycle. In all this, the individual is under pressure as if the situation were irreversible. When this fact is acknowledged, or brought to the attention of individuals who are leading the quest for resources, the cure that looks miraculous is a recorded experience with many involved. Other people will consult with a counselor and have similar experiences.

Successful healing has also been achieved when people have a new hobby or interest such as learning a new musical instrument, painting, indoor gardening or church service. When stress is related to unsatisfactory or frustrating work situations, the certification of new workouts conducted after a few hours has led to better performance or job changes.

10. Drugs and Drugs


The hormone response to Arthritis remains a mystery until it shows that extraordinary results are obtained when cortisone is given. However, side effects are more often a disease. Such results indicate that people with arthritis are in a state of fatigue and their pituitary gland and / or adrenal glands are unable to function normally.
As this knowledge becomes available, individuals with arthritis often develop rapidly after following a diet designed to restore fatigue glands to stimulate natural cortical production and to meet the increased nutritional requirements of stress.

Reduces Side Effects of Cortisone

The effects of Assortment @ Cortical therapy such as ulcers, pancreatitis, bone mineral, and diabetes-like symptoms are much worse when pantothenic acid is generously supplied; if ACTH is given without simultaneously increasing pantothenic acid, the adrenal gland can be severely damaged.
Since 10,000 milligrams (10 grams) of pantothenic acid is given daily with only good results, don't be afraid to take too much. After adequate diet has stimulated the production of natural hormones, medicine is rarely needed.

Low salt diet and high protein along with all B vitamins greatly reduce the toxic effects of cortisone.

Side effects of Cortisone increase sodium causing water retention and potassium deficiency.
Adrenal and Sodium Pressure

When an investigation clearly shows adrenal fatigue, salt (sodium) that is lost from the body when the adrenals are depleted, salty foods or saline can be recommended for a period of recovery.
Effect when Drugs are given

No nutrients interfere in any way with cortison therapy, ACTH, or aspirin. However, each of these drugs increases the need for vitamin C, especially aspirin that destroys the quantity of this vitamin.

11. Infections and Antibiotics

Infections such as staphylococcus are a major challenge to the immune system and to severe stress on the support system. Staphylococcus is known to enter the bone leading to inflammation and destruction.

12. Posture

Better chiropractic adjustments described as postural integration are important to ensure postural stress is removed to allow maximum healing. Often the wrong posture causes the stress site to become inflamed. When posture is corrected at the same time as lifestyle and nutrition, dramatic results can be seen in a few weeks.

PH acid changes and alkali balance

Dr. Swilling uses the examples above to show that while health functions in an alkaline environment, the acidic environment reflects illness and illness.

He noted that the extraordinary factors outlined above, altered the alkaline synovial fluid that acted as a lubricant for more than 68 joints of alkali to acid. It is an acidic fluid that causes inflammation, pain and damage to the synovial membrane, as well as the cartilage that protects the long bones. Poor nutrition, especially protein deficiency (amino acids) and calcium weakens the cartilage, making it more prone to acid damage.

Damage from catabolic and free radical damage, acidic residues from unnatural foods, side effects of drugs, chemicals, toxic residues from parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses results in a cumulative toxic acid load. He explained that factors such as electrolytes, oxygen, water, and nutrients are the balancing force used to prevent the formation of acid residues. However, this imbalance is depleted due to an abnormal lifestyle, resulting in nutrient-rich crops, processed foods, polluted environments, insufficient water and stressful mental and emotional life experiences.
In his book Minerals Key To Vibrant Health and Life Force, he explains how the initial transition to acid is due to the reduced minerals. When organic minerals are well supplied, electrically charged anions are effective in maintaining alkaline pH. He uses special brands of electrolytes, detoxifications, organic foods, food preparation methods and other therapies to reverse acidic pH.
Avoid Delays

Chronic pain and pain, especially in joints should be evaluated without delay, not as a medical condition that requires pain relief, but as a stress that causes biochemical imbalance.
Emphasis should be placed on investigations to determine the source of stress and the implementation of well-balanced lifestyle modification, detoxification and nutrition programs to restore healing, restore balance leading to anti-chemical chemical recovery, immune systems and intelligent approaches designed to cope with stress, mental stress. and emotions.
TCH Arthritis Support Program Self Help

Supervised by Dr Kevin Swilling, TCH offers a support program started with an on-line BioMedical Health and Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire. See
Report responses to completed questionnaires including recommended individual programs including daily protocols for nutrition, nutrition and detoxification.


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