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Wisdom From the Ancients

No Wine for Daniel The teacher reads an excerpt from the Book of Daniel which describes how Daniel asked the king, Nebuchadnezzar, that he and his friends should eat 'pulse'. and drink water from the meat and wine that the king offers. Nebuchadnezzar agreed, and after they had been on this diet for several weeks, he examined them to see how they were doing. Wrote the author Daniel: "And in all matters of wisdom (and) understanding, that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians (and) magicians in the whole world."

Not only are they ten times smarter than others: they are also healthier. Young Don Tolman was fascinated by this story, and became even more intrigued when no one could tell him what became of 'pulse' food. Here. "My sister is very good at school," Don said. "I thought if I could eat this food, I would do better in school and get my mom behind me."

From the time he was eight, he embarked on an effort to help him gain a lot of knowledge, but not in the way he had hoped. It also got a nickname: 'Indiana Jones' out of all the food, because he was searching for the lost treasure.

Looking for A Pulse He first went to the dictionary to find out what the pulse was, then went to university to research it, and never got a satisfactory answer. Continuing, he went to museums and searched for their rare book collection, and he received a special dispensation from the Church of England to study in their library. He also visits the Vatican in his quest to find out what the pulse is. He saw where most people didn't; he searched through ancient archives and studied old artifacts and discovered many things, but not what he was looking for. He learned a lot about all kinds of ingredients that are ingesting but not what the pulse.

Recognize Defeat He didn't give up easily, but eventually he quit. "After 17 years, 4 million air miles and 33 countries, I finally admit defeat," Don said. "Is it just a metaphor? Is it just a magical meal? I don't know what it is."

A man who has been searching for food for nearly two decades had a soup and salad at a Washington DC restaurant when he launched a conversation with a well-dressed man sitting across from him. "It turns out he was a trustee for a wealthy family, they have been collecting art and artifacts since 1790, and many boxes have never been opened. He asked me if I wanted a casket."

'Are you kidding', or words to it, is Don's reaction and he soon finds himself looking at some amazing artwork, books and documents. As he does this, he finds the answer he has been seeking all along. In a scroll transcribed in 1896 by Charles W Leadbeater (1854 -1934), a renowned clergyman and Theosophical writer, all of these are the major elements of the pulse. At first Don did not believe this was the case, but there were seven witnesses who testified to the purity of the food. "It is full of intelligent observation and logical wisdom," he said.

All in Threes "People used to know that everything was done in three years," Don said. "The fingers are in three segments, the arms are in three segments and the food grows in three stages, the basement, the first floor and the second floor." Don associates it with body level and explains that foods grown underground, like sweet potatoes, affect the deepest levels of the body; food grown on the soil affects the second level; and fruits and nuts that grow high are brain foods.

Not only are part of the plant derived from the food but the way it looks also shows the most beneficial part of the body, Don stressed. He said that all foods have a signature that is a natural sign of the health benefits of food. "For example," he said, "tomatoes, which are red in color and have four chambers, are good for the heart; grapes that look like blood are blood and heart foods." If you cut the carrot, "further" the pattern in the middle Like the ancients, the ancients believed they were good for the eyes. Likewise, walnuts look like brains, with the left and right hemispheres, and science today confirms that walnuts are good for the brain. "Foods show whether they are feminine or masculine: for example, avocado looks like a cervical and uterus with a fetus inside, and it takes nine months to grow avocado from bloom to bear fruit ... just like a baby. Acids, bananas and cucumbers have an identity. Masculine scholars believe that each individual has both male and female traits, so that each food positively affects each of us ... especially emotionally.

Pulse contains 22 whole foods, raw but dried, then crushed into moist snacks. The pulse food is combined from the ground, above the ground, and from the ground in the trees, and then mixed. Pulse made from: dates, figs, oats, tomatoes, raisins, prunes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans, walnuts, sea salt, seven-grain mix (depending on the season of harvest), beets, raspberries, blueberries and oil olive or grapeseed ... this will change two or three items, depending on the year. These foods are combined with a holy ratio for the steps of the body that naturally protects itself and can lead the people through times of famine, drought, war and other hardships.

The Meal of Hercules The distinguished scientists, musicians and philosophers of the Pythagoras Olympics have all their students at the Pythagorean Academy eating daily. He called the holy dish, 'The Meal of Hercules'.

There is even more Don's approach to food - even more so that he has written two volumes, a 1,600-page Farmacist Reference, an entire food medicine encyclopedia. On his website Don describes this work: "FDR (TM) is a definitive compendium of human relationships to life and vitality, using whole plant foods as a preventive and remediable drug. , Hebrew, Chinese, Native Americans, Incas and others who spend their time in high energy and longevity using plant-based foods. "

A Relic of the Industrial Age Food and health are not Don's only concern. Don says that formal education has become nothing more than a 'factory'. that dominate and indoctrinate academics and workers. "It is a fossilized remnant of the industrial age," he said. "The problem is that the current system has little to do with appealing and enhancing the natural ability of people to be born, to learn and maximize their ability through imagination."

Don believes in learning 'visual speed, picking, websites'. She has a location for everything she sees and she learns, so she knows where to look. At one meeting he passed a list of 25 words given to him from the audience, and in a few moments he memorized them and repeated them - getting it all right.

Boot Camp 4 Brains Don offers Boot Camp 4 Brains, a weekend where you'll find & # 39; How to learn information 10 to 100 times faster than you do now & # 39;

Whether it's your health or the way you learn, Don definitely has some ideas that will make you think a little differently about how to do it. If you want to achieve great success, Don suggests you take advantage of your natural creative potential.


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