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Why Osteoporosis Drugs Don't Work, and Top 5 Ways to Stronger Bones With a Living Foods

Ladies, if you want to stay beautiful & attractive regardless of age, having strong bones is a must! Our bones hold our entire body structure, give us good posture, and determine the amount of physical activity we can endure.

First of all, if you take medicines that claim to treat osteoporosis, be aware that these drugs not only cause toxic loads in the long run, they also poison our bones, and the result is a loss in the ability to make strong new bones .

According to Dr Al Sears (MD & Editor of the New England Health Advisor), some medicines should treat weak bones for example. Fosomax, Boniva, Reclast, Actonel, have been found to cause bone fractures in women.

In one study, 65% of women on long-term medication continued to have bone fractures in the same area, and what's worse is that fractures take a long time to heal!

Ready for some Natural & Easy ways to Raise Stronger now?

1) Get the Sun for at least 15 minutes daily

We need Vitamin D to create healthy bones, and prevent bone loss. There is only one substitute for good sunlight - Vitamin D from the Sun in the format, which our body can recognize, that is. we can continue to absorb and use it.

Any other supplement or pill is like bad imitation, in an unfamiliar format to our body. Why finish second best when we can go into the Sun at any time and enjoy the real thing?

If you are vegan, you can also include Mushrooms in your diet - Mushrooms are a special organism that grows in the sun, because they already have Vitamin D in it. Consuming them also contributes to our Vitamin D intake.

2) Vitamin K vs Calcium

Many people still believe in the Milk & Milk Myth; we think that Milk contains calcium and we drink it to give us strong bones. We talked about "Milk & Milk" about 2 years ago, and you can refer to the article in the archive for more details.

So, when we come out of the Milk Myth, many of us still think that Calcium is the most important element in a healthy bone. In fact, Calcium is rich in various Foods - the darkest leafy vegetables have a lot of Calcium, Sesame Seeds are also Calcium Superheroes. In fact, if we eat high in raw foods with lots of Smoothies and Green Salads, it is impossible to suffer from calcium deficiency.

The question to ask is whether our bodies can absorb and use calcium. For Calcium to be absorbed, our body needs Vitamin K.

Where does Vitamin K come from?

Again, green leafy vegetables.

So now it's not easy to see why people who are switching to the high diet Diet with Green Smoothies as their basic food, are getting younger, better and stronger!

3) Maintaining Optimal Hormonal Balance

Sex hormones like Progesterone & Estrogen help in calcium absorption as well. The number one reason women are more likely to break bones than men is because women go through stages in their hormones that fluctuate - Ovulation, Childbirth, Menopause.

Restoring hormones back to their natural balance is important to ensure that women continue to absorb calcium and thus build strong bones.
Eating more seafood, eating dark chocolate, Goji Berries and Maca, can help restore hormone imbalance.

Oh, and do we call love? Continue and fall in love, over and over again, with the couple / couple / dog / hamster or hottie (man or woman no matter how much you like it); give love and thank you everyday.

When we fall in love, we produce happy hormones, which come from sex hormones - and a better way to feel love, to be happy, and to make strong bones at the same time!

4) Aim for a diet rich in Amino Acid

The easier the protein molecule, the easier it is to absorb and utilize it. The simplest form of protein is Amino Acid; we don't need protein anymore, we can't do anything. If we eat protein we have to go further to break it down into the second Amino Acid before we can use it. Why bother when we have the first-class amino acids from Living Foods?

Some foods, high in Amino Acid include Alfalfa Sprouts, Sunflower Sprouts, Sprouted Labs / Sunflower Seeds, Goji Berries, Hemp Seeds, and Marine Plankton (Biggie in the world of Superfoods!)

5) Take some weight training

From hard-core Cardio, choose endurance exercises like swimming, powerwalking, climbing stairs, Pilates and Yoga!

Yoga is a great way to stay beautiful, anti-age, build strong bones, and strengthen the mind at the same time. In Yoga, you use your own weight as a resistance to train your muscles, and you have a lower risk of injury because you are constantly aware of your own body, as well as zero muscle tension (provided the class is well structured) due to the powerful stretching. .

It's like having a delicious cake delivered to you, perfectly packed, eating it and losing weight too!

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