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Why Having A Wheat and Dairy Free Diet Is Important

Many people are looking for a diet that will give their body healthy benefits. Often, doctors will advise their patients to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. But what diet can be good for someone's health besides eating vegetables and fruits? The answer is grain foods and dairy diets. So, why is it important to have a free grain and dairy diet? What can you gain from eating such a diet?

Having a diet of free wheat and dairy is especially important for those who experience excessive growth of yeast and wheat intolerance. What if you didn't experience either of these conditions? Is it necessary to go on such a diet? That's right! Did you know that there is a type of fungus in the body that can release certain types of toxins that can make you feel sick? This occurs when the growth of the fungus is under control.

This fungus is known as Candida Albicans. It is a type of yeast that grows in the soft parts of the body such as the mouth, digestive tract, and vagina. Under normal circumstances, Candida helps the body digest its food. However, when there is too much yeast, it becomes dangerous and produces many unwanted conditions. The term given for Candida growth is Candidiasis. People suffering from Candidiasis find it important to have a free grain and dairy diet as this type of diet can help them maintain the amount of Candida in their body.

Due to the wide variety of processed foods sold in the market today, candidiasis cases are on the rise. Processed foods are one of the main sources of yeast. Consistent feeding of processed foods causes the feeding of Candida yeast in the body which results in continued growth. Eating candy also accelerates the growth of Candida yeast as it is known to feed on sugar. As you can see, most foods sold in the market today are processed foods and foods containing wheat, dairy, and sugar. This is one reason why people who are looking for whole grain foods and dairy-free diets, which can help them maintain their Candida, have trouble finding one.


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