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What Is The Most Important Machine In Your Life?

What do you consider to be the most important engine of your life - Car? Computer? Cell phone? Television? Something else? On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you? Why not? What are all the reasons that made it 10 in your life?

If you believe that the car is at the top of your list, how much time and money do you spend managing it? Do you use any old oils, consider wasting checks, neglecting car wash, etc.? You may have your own custom rules for whatever machine you choose.

The next question is, do you take care of your own body with the same amount of effort? For example:

What quality of fuel (food) do you provide? Do you provide enough water? Are you skipping a boring routine like an annual check-up because there are other things you would rather do? Do you always do what you always do (too many calories without exercise) and expect different results? Do you expect your doctor to prescribe "magic" pills for you to take when you are sick - as long as there is no change needed in your normal routine? Do you avoid creating new healthy habits because the old ways are so comfortable?

We can't trade in our old bodies for something new - life doesn't work that way. As Mickey Mantel once said: "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would care about myself."

There has been a change in attitude in recent years. It is rare to find a magazine article promoting the latest diet guaranteed to remove all the extra weight from the holiday indulgences or how to get ready to wear a new bikini on the beach.

Now we realize that diets, especially emergency diets, are no longer acceptable. Lifestyle plans are the latest keywords. Sometimes it sounds like another variation on a one-size-fits-all idea. It's not that easy!

You, the same basic principle is needed - more fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts, nuts, lean protein, less sugar and fat, portion size control, exercise, fitness and water instead of soft drinks. Unfortunately, attention is not given to the uniqueness of each person. We start with different bodies, jobs, family situations, personal and family histories, likes and dislikes. Thank goodness, there is more than one way to get the results you want.

The biggest challenge is figuring out how important it is to consider a healthy lifestyle and what we want to do to achieve it. Honesty is the first step. Whether we like or dislike what we see in the mirror, it is our past choices that bring us to this point. No one else can be blamed for forcing us to eat snacks or dropping us to a chair in front of the television. And no one else can make daily choices that lead to better health in our future!

Start by deciding how you want to see and feel. Everything that makes life rich and exciting - passion, vitality, confidence, strength, lack of illness and disease - should be top billing. It may seem trivial, but having a deep and meaningful reason is essential to your success.

You are the only person who can make lasting changes in your life. Know from the beginning that it will take time. After all, nothing has changed from being a star athlete to a worn out sofa in a month or two - and it doesn't work any faster.

Sudden, drastic corrections to your life will never work! More can be achieved by making small changes - one step at a time. Once the first change becomes a comfortable habit, you are sure to move on to the next goal. Believe in yourself and your ability to change. Soon, you will have concrete evidence for progress.

Which makes sense - losing 15 pounds a month but getting back before the end of the year? Or, avoid feeling like a martyr, losing 4 to 6 pounds a month and saving it for the rest of your life? Remember, there is more than one way to exercise and find what you really love and do.

Success lies in the pursuit of mind, body and emotion. You may find that writing a personal journal reporting the story before and after you is a great incentive to keep going. Start your book with pictures and weight-loss records, measurements, health profiles and physical fitness. It will be great to add new data as you progress. Statistics are needed, but perhaps more important is the part of the diary that captures your feelings about the decision.

What you experience along the way becomes as interesting as you think you will go. A record of the fun you find gives you new relaxation as you relax, the thrill of finding the food that feels right to you, the freedom of pain and pain and, of course, the newly discovered energy that lasts all day. Every so often, look back and feel the progress you've made one step at a time!

We can't change our bodies for shiny new models, but we can feel and look younger than our recommended calendars. The important thing is to start caring for our most precious machine - our own body. Picasso said this: "Just decide until tomorrow what you want to die after you cancel."

Enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle!


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