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Can Stress Cause PCOS?

Stress has recently been seen as the leading cause of illness and illness. With these findings, those with polycystic ovarian syndrome are now asking for possible stress causing PCOS? Is it possible that our modern life stress can affect the internal functioning of our body that leads to PCOS?

The answer is basically YES. However, I would like to clarify and point out that it is not the only cause of PCOS but a factor in many women's lives that has led to PCOS with some women playing it bigger than others. Let's take a closer look at this.

The effects of stress can usually be seen on psychological issues as we try to deal with problems but are overcome. It also shows that stress has been proven to lower your immune system making you more prone to illness and disease.

The relationship between stress and PCOS however is more direct because of the so-called hormones pregnenolone. These hormones are produced when we are stressed to help our body and mind cope but when we are under pressure for a long time, our bodies are clogged with pregnenolone! This causes a chain reaction in our hormone levels with others such as estrogen being released because the pathways used by the hormone are full and these hormone imbalances play havoc with the menstrual cycle which leads to several PCOS symptoms including ovarian, indeterminate or indefinite and androgen release that can cause acne and facial hair.

So can stress cause an ovarian cyst? In some cases, it can be a major cause of cyst but is often seen as a contributing factor to hormone imbalance which also includes diet and lifestyle issues.


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