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What Are Health Benefits of Resveratrol?

Imagine being able to lead a healthy and energetic life beyond the age of 100. How close are we? Science is so close to giving a century of life to everyone through radical technology for a simple change in how you eat.

First of all, we now know that there is a chemical called Sirtuin that tells the body to live longer. What is the trigger mechanism? Well, it turns out that if you pick up mice and you cut their calorie intake by one third, they will live longer.

Humans undergo calorie restriction, as they learn to show their artery and heart rejuvenation. They actually start acting younger than they actually are. For humans by reducing 15% of their total calories, you can spend an additional 30 years.

However, the same chemical Sirtuin can be activated by other mechanisms. Red wine has been reported to be good for you. Well it turns out that red wine, red because of the chemical in it is called Resveratrol. So one of the most believed red ways to help health is to turn on Sirtuin.

Drinking a glass of red wine a day is the recommended amount, but you can also take a new pill now available. The recommended dose of Resveratrol is 500mg daily.

So, what are the health benefits of Resveratrol? Well, it will not only help you live longer but will help you stay healthy longer. It has the potential to make ninety-nine years old as healthy as sixty years old. People will live long, healthy lives and die quietly in their sleep.


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