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Could All Healing (Surgery Including) Be Due to Placebo?

In medicine, the effects of placebo are observed when the patient gets better because of the sugar pill. In such cases, it may be the patient's belief in the treatment (not the treatment itself) that influences the healing. But did you know that the placebo effect is also based on a doctor's belief in treatment, although there is no scientific evidence to support the treatment? Did you know that in the end, all successful treatments are based on trust?

In his book Eternal healing from 1996, Dr. Herbert Benson, MD, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, talks about changes in the effectiveness of therapy designed to reduce angina pectoris (ie, chest and arm pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle). At one point in history, the cure for angina pectoris ranged from injection of cobra venom to surgery to remove the thyroid or pancreas. Although this technique is widely used and trusted, they last 70 to 90 percent of the time. Later, when the study showed that there was no physiological reason why this treatment was necessary, doctors continued to do it for a while but their effectiveness decreased to 30-40 percent.

In the same book, Dr. Herbert Benson admits: "Again, doctors believe that a low-fat diet is the best treatment for colon inflammation called diverticulitis, but decades later they insisted on living instead of eating too much. Again, physicians assure post-menopausal women that replacement therapy hormones do not increase the likelihood of breast cancer, they have recently announced the opposite findings ... "In fact, according to Dr David Eddy no more than 15 percent of medical treatments are based on" credible scientific evidence ".

"Evidence", according to Dr. Benson is deeply influenced by culture, personal tendencies, beliefs and emotions. He goes on to suggest that part of the reason why experiments are contrary to each other is because it is difficult to relate and control all the different beliefs and expectations that individuals (researchers and subjects) bring to this experiment. The conclusion is that "... if drugs are allowed for different groups of minds to produce different results, as different people, science may achieve more consistent results".

My conclusion? It's all in our heads! There is no objective reality; everything is subjective, scientific research is included. It basically forms the premise of modern quantum healing therapies (such as BodyTalk) and Epigenetics science (i.e. belief biology). So don't worry, have fun and expect the unexpected. Keeping a positive outlook on life and trust is the best thing you can do to help your healing process.


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