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Weight Loss Secret Recipe Formula That Works (Ayurvedic Way)

Humans have struggled with weight since they started eating processed foods. It is also known that overweight is directly related to people's eating habits. I spoke with a traditional eastern ayurvedic specialist (treating patients using only herbs) in India on this subject. He gives a good solution to this problem once and for all.

It is a well-known fact that monk Buddhists do not even eat at night. They do not do it for the heavier but for the better health because they are not involved in the training.

Some people use weight loss recipes to lose weight but do so with good eating habits.

This is what a ayurvedic doctor says if you really want to lose weight

Have dinner at 5:00 am. not at night. The main reason is that you will save a lot of fat or extra calories if you eat at night. If you have dinner at night and sleep, you will deposit unwanted extra calories into your body. Eat high fiber vegetarian, fruit dinner at 5:00 p.m. this will help reduce the amount of fat stored. For dinner do not take carbohydrate-rich foods at all. If you feel hungry at night, eat apples just to avoid starvation. If you eat a high fiber vegetarian diet at 5.00p.m. you won't feel hungry for a long time.

Another benefit of eating dinner at this time is that you will feel hungry in the morning.

If you can't have dinner at this time, take it as early as 5.00 am.

Drink water between foods and avoid eating between foods.

Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods such as fast foods, rice and bread as much as possible to eat fruits and vegetables. This way, you will not feel hungry between foods because our body takes longer to digest rich foods than processed foods.

Take vegetarian, fruit as much as possible for all 3 dishes. Consuming vegetarian calories, fruits are sufficient for the daily calorie requirements of ordinary people. Just think an elephant just eats grass but whose energy does that elephant have?

The above formulas have been used and tested and they should work for you. Ayurvedic doctors themselves follow this method.

In addition you can drink about one bottle of water after waking up and waiting for about 45 minutes after drinking water, and breakfast. The first few days you will go to the toilet more often but then you will use it. Start with a smaller amount of water and gradually increase to 1 liter of water bottle if possible or the amount you can cope with. Also drink water between meals.

You will see clear skin, refreshing skin tone and I personally reduce my acne problem by taking any pill just by drinking water as above.

If you can follow all of the above, you will not only lose weight but also benefit from lower cholesterol, normal blood pressure and avoid the risk of paralysis, good skin tone and longer lifespan.


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